Oppo Find X3 Pro first flagship to Support VRS Technology

Oppo Find X3 Pro VRS Technology: Variable Rate Shading

Oppo Find X3 Pro VRS Technology: Variable Rate Shading

OPPO and Qualcomm and NetEase jointly announced that the Find X3 Pro has become the first flagship phone to support VRS technology (Variable Rate Shading), while the Find X3 Pro will also debut the Oracle handheld game equipped with VRS technology. The Find X3 Pro will also debut Oracle with VRS technology and have a one-month exclusivity period.

With VRS technology, the Find X3 Pro delivers up to 30% better rendering performance and 38.1% higher frame rates in Oracle, and effectively reduces power consumption at full frame, providing players with a long-lasting gaming experience while delivering high image quality.

As a new feature of the third generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming supported by the Snapdragon 888 mobile platform, Variable Rate Shading (VRS) allows shader programs to shade in groups of 2 or 4 pixels and reuse the shading results for surrounding pixels. With Variable Resolution Rendering, the game’s overall shading total pixel count can be reduced by up to 40 percent, resulting in a significant reduction in GPU workload.

OPPO claims that by using VRS to play Oracle with OPPO Find X3 Pro, the game’s frame rate increases from 67 fps to 88 fps by 31% when VRS is turned on for the entire screen without limiting the frame rate of the game, and there is almost no noticeable impact on the visual effect when comparing the game screen before and after it is turned on. Besides, VRS technology can also differentiate the rendering of materials, for example, when VRS is applied to the professional effects in the game, the game screen increases from 88 fps to 92 fps; when VRS is applied to the ground material in the handheld game, the game frame rate increases from 110 fps to 119 fps.

VRS-1×1 (each color block shaded separately) 63.7FPS
VRS-1×2 (coloring in groups of two blocks) 88FPS

With its 6.7-inch 1 billion color display and leading LTPO hybrid backplane with 1-120Hz dynamic frame rate and O-Sync overclocking response technology, the Find X3 Pro will provide users with a smooth gaming experience with smoother graphics, finer operation, and power saving.

Besides, the OPPO Find X3 series uses a large VC across the motherboard and battery area, with a large heat dissipation area to quickly release the processor temperature. 4500mAh large capacity battery, with 65W super flash charging, can charge the phone up to 40% in 10 minutes.


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