Redmi K40 Gaming Edition Display Features Detailed

Redmi K40 Gaming Edition Display

Redmi K40 Gaming Edition Display

Redmi today began previewing the aspect of the Redmi K40 Gaming Edition display, saying that the machine comes with the ultimate straight gaming screen specifically designed for gaming users. The Redmi K40 Gaming Edition has chosen a more expensive screen solution at any cost, said Lu Weibing, general manager of the Redmi brand. According to the report, the Redmi K40 Gaming Edition uses OLED flexible screen to make a straight screen, with an ultra-small chin and three narrow edges, supporting a high refresh rate, high touch sampling, and high image quality.

The secret behind the extremely narrow bezel of K40 Gaming Edition is revealed in advance. Official states that, K40 Gaming Edition uses the most advanced COP flexible screen packaging process! What’s so great about COP, let’s learn together.

COG packaging is a more traditional screen packaging technology where the display chip is placed on the screen substrate, so a large “black chin” needs to be left outside the display area to place the display chip, with a large chin and low cost. 2nd is the COF package, which is used in a large number of mainstream full-screen cell phones, both hard and flexible screens are available. The screen display chip is placed on the FPC that can be bent, with a moderate chin and moderate cost.

The COP package is only available for flexible screens and is currently the most advanced screen packaging process. The screen is directly bent and the display chip is “hidden” in the bent area of the screen to achieve a visual effect close to “bezel-less”, with the smallest chin and the highest cost. With COP packaging, the K40 Gaming Edition’s screen bezel become amazing, achieved 1.8mm extremely narrow three edges, 2.7mm straight screen small chin at bottom.

To create the ultimate straight gaming screen, K40 Gaming Edition not only chooses the expensive OLED flexible straight screen in material but also chooses the expensive encapsulation technology.

Furthermore, K40 Gaming Edition’s OLED flexible straight screen is not only the ultimate form for gaming but also the flagship image quality for daily use. It supports a 1.07 billion color display for extremely smooth color transition; 8192 levels of brightness adjustment, that always comply with your ambient light; HDR10+, for high dynamic range display, rich picture levels. Besides, the K40 Gaming Edition display also supports the P3 color gamut, 120Hz high refresh rate.

Officials said that no expense was spared in choosing a more expensive screen solution with OLED flexible screen material and a super small chin with three narrow edges. According to the official poster, the machine’s bezel almost equal width, chin ratio excellent, but the forehead did not show, previously reported as a center punch-hole screen design.

Additionally, K40 Gaming Edition supports 4D vibration sense, the vibration sense of each gun and vehicle has been carefully adjusted, and also equipped with the thin and light X-axis linear motor, physical gaming shoulder keys, etc.

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