Redmi K40 Gaming Edition Hands-On Video Demoing Miniaturized Mechanical Shoulder Key Build

Redmi K40 Gaming Edition Hands-On Video Demoing Miniaturized Mechanical Shoulder Key Build

Redmi K40 Gaming Edition Hands-On Video and Miniaturized Mechanical Shoulder Key

Redmi today started previewing the K40 Gaming Edition with a pop-up shoulder key design that is said to be inspired by the Maglev train. The machine’s pop-up shoulder key needs to be manually toggled open, customized by neodymium magnets, so toggling it back and forth is a decompression, and an official Redmi K40 Gaming Edition hands-on video has been released demonstrating it.

Redmi K40 Gaming Edition Hands-On Video Demoing Miniaturized Mechanical Shoulder Key Build

According to Redmi, the K40 Gaming Edition features the industry’s first miniaturized mechanical shoulder keys: smaller size, same feel, high key travel, good rebound, clear feedback, low latency, and passed a rigorous durability test of 1.5 million cycles. K40 Gaming Phone pop-up shoulder button, now certified 100+ mainstream games. Can be adapted to the latest games at any time, the same game can be set according to your preferences.

THE Redmi K40 gaming edition hands-on shows the shape at a glance so the of the entire machine, we able to see from the video, the machine still uses the K40 style, but more gaming, such as the texture of the back cover, the lens module of metal. There is also a small detail that the new camera’s rear flash module has been changed to a prismatic shape, spliced to resemble a lightning bolt.

Besides the back, there are “Fighting” words is printed, whether there will be RGB light effect is temporarily unknown, the whole machine gaming elements fully furnished. Other aspects, the latest news said that the use of a Samsung E4 material OLED centered dugout screen (teased in below video), support a 144Hz refresh rate.

Redmi K40 Gaming Edition – The Front

Here is Official text detailing Redmi K40 Gaming Edition’d shoulder key features:

Redmi K40 Gaming Edition industry’s first miniaturized mechanical shoulder key build

The most hardcore feature of the 2021 gaming phone is the shoulder keys. Unlike the common touch-based “soft shoulder keys” on the market, the K40 Gaming Edition uses a pop-up “hard shoulder keys” solution, which has mechanical hard feedback and more direct touch. However, the “Hard Shoulder Key” solution takes up more space and has a complex structure, making it extremely challenging for internal stacking.

Ultimate miniaturization optimization

The K40 Gaming Edition mechanical shoulder key solution has undergone more than a dozen revisions and adjustments, and the shoulder key structure has been continuously miniaturized and optimized while maintaining the same feel. Finally, it is stuffed into a thin and light body less than 9mm thick, maximizing the use of internal space. This is the industry’s first miniaturized mechanical shoulder keys.

High strength NdFeB magnet set

The K40 Gaming Edition mechanical shoulder keys use a high-performance neodymium iron boron magnet set with strong magnetism and small size, which is the most magnetic permanent magnet material. With a total of 13 magnets at the shoulder keys and connecting rods, the shoulder keys can be ejected by toggling the shoulder key switch using the principle of repelling each other with the same pole and attracting each other with different poles.

No compromise on structural strength

With the smaller size of the shoulder key components, how do you ensure structural strength? -For the K40 Gaming Phone, the shoulder key linkage and bracket are made of higher strength BASF stainless steel, which is less prone to deformation and more stable. On the other hand, the shoulder keys in the middle frame are designed with multiple protections, such as the stop structure in the connecting rod position and the edge reinforcement, to strengthen the anti-drop performance and greatly reduce the probability of damage to the shoulder key structure in case of accidents, without jamming the keys. The shoulder key has a long life of over 1.5 million cycles.

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