Vivo V21184 3C Certified with 44W + SD870 + High Refresh Rate LCD

Vivo V21184 3C Certified

Vivo V21184 3C Certified

Although the time has come to late April, but the pace of domestic new machine is not yet finished, according to Digital Chat Station brought the news of the explosion, iQOO a new machine has recently entered the network, will soon be released.

Vivo recently had a number of new machines through the national 3C quality certification into the network. The new model number V21184 that said slightly different version of iQOO Neo3. From the information on the network can be seen, iQOO this new machine processor selected this year’s hot standard sub-flagship Snapdragon 870, to ensure that the performance needs.

In addition to the screen is more prominent, the choice of LCD screen, can be said to be one of the few LCD high-end new machines this year, and finally on the charging, it comes standard with a 44W charger, presumably the battery capacity will also be more than 4000mAh.

This combination is not enough for a flagship, but as a sub-flagship or can be, in addition to the LCD screen and Snapdragon 870 can effectively bring the price down further, which is what many people who want to change their machines are looking forward to.


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