Honor 50 Poster Exposes Dual-ring Camera That May Attach Additional Sensor/Filters

Honor 50 Camera

Honor 50 Poster, Design…

According to the product law of Honor, Honor V40, immediately after the update of the digital series, that is, Honor 40. However, according to the report from Gsmarena, they got some exclusive insider information, saying that Honor’s upcoming launch is not the 40 series, but the Honor 50 Series, which is expected to be released in May.

Gsmarena also shared an Honor 50 warm-up poster that yet to is officially unveiled and an Honor 50 design drawing. The poster, suspected to be the official pre-launch poster of the Honor 50 series, can see the overall lens as the highlight, respectively, two large round lenses. In the new machine design sketches, you can see that the back of the machine is indeed oval wrapped with two round lenses, said to be inspired by the Cartier ring.

Honor 50 Warm-up Poster

Another interesting thing is that the above design sketch, which is claimed to be the Honor 50 series, is similar to the recently exposed Huawei P50 rendering, but the two have separated, somewhat intriguing.

It is worth noting that, from the design diagram, the size of the Honor 50 rear main camera is very large and is expected to carry a larger sensor in the top circle and two sensors in the bottom circle. The thing on the right appears to be a snap-on filter or lens? that will presumably be attached to the camera ring via a magnet, which would explain why there is only one module inside the top circle while the lens needs to be in the middle.

Honor 50 Design drawing

Previously, Honor CEO Zhao Ming also revealed that the new flagship will also have advanced imaging capabilities and algorithms, and it can be expected that the Honor 50 series will provide an unprecedented image performance. As for the configuration, Honor chairman Wan Biao has recently revealed that Honor and mainstream chip makers have now started comprehensive cooperation and will use the industry’s flagship chips and high-end chips in our upcoming products.

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