What makes “Huawei Auto” claim to be the first autonomous driving?

What makes "Huawei Auto" claim to be the first autonomous driving?

Huawei Auto – “to achieve the first technology of autonomous driving”

On the evening of April 17, BAIC New Energy’s high-end brand Polar Fox launched a new intelligent luxury pure electric sedan BAIC Alpha S. The Huawei HI version has the intelligent cockpit of the HarmonyOS system and is equipped with the Huawei Kirin 990A car chip, with a price of 388,900 yuan and a high version of 429,900 yuan, which is expected to be delivered within the year.

The first “Huawei car” has finally arrived! Although not designed and manufactured by Huawei, but the soul is given by Huawei. It is worth mentioning that, although this is the first indirect touch of Huawei and car manufacturing, the hefty claim has been “to achieve the first technology of autonomous driving”. What makes Huawei bold enough to shout such a slogan?

Huawei Self-driving Test Video

Huawei Intelligent Vehicle Solutions BU President Wang Jun said in an interview that when he joined the Huawei Automotive BU business unit in 2019, he put forward the strategy of “wearing European shoes, dancing in the United States and taking the Chinese road”.

The so-called “wearing European shoes” is to meet the automotive safety standards from Europe, in line with the laws of the automotive industry, “dancing in the United States” is to learn the advanced self-driving technology of the United States, especially Tesla, and “taking the Chinese road ” is because the road conditions in China are so complex that overseas customers say every time they have never seen such a complex scenario.

Wang Jun proposed: “The real self-driving data is inaccessible, but the core data is the most critical, depending on the long dimensional Corner case (extreme case) … to find and deal with it is the most bullish. It is useless to run on the highway for 10 years, Corner case is that the collected data is those, but in China, there are various complex road conditions. (Previously) autonomous driving may not be able to enter the countryside, but now it is found that the road conditions in the countryside have been repaired, and autonomous driving can enter the countryside in the future.”

Of course, the situation in the countryside is more complicated, such as chickens, ducks, and geese to avoid? Data is one aspect, very important, but the core data based on the Corner case is the most important, only to learn this well, learn, while finding the real processing method, to do a good job on this thing of autonomous driving.

Wang Jun said that Huawei has not solved all the Corner cases, he also asked the team to find the most powerful sensor based on the three sensors, can now not see the Corner case, or similar to the “ghost probe” situation detection, and then improve a level.

For Baidu, Xiaomi, Didi, Foxconn, and other technology giants have made cars, Wang Jun said that these are Huawei’s customers, Huawei is to do parts, to do a first-class supplier, or to cockpit way to do secondary suppliers, while Huawei does not exclude any of the car-making enterprises, hope that they all have cooperation with Huawei, “we have no competition with them”.

So, Huawei will not build their cars? Wang Jun confessed that there is no consideration, “If the parts business is doing well enough why do you want to build a car? Build a car is not necessarily profitable”. Wang Jun also revealed that, after a while, Huawei may sell cars through the channels of consumer BG, that is, Huawei offline stores.


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