TCL Fold-n-Roll Concept Introduction: All-in-one Smartphone-Phablet-Tablet

TCL Fold-n-Roll Concept Introduction

TCL Fold-n-Roll Concept Introduction

Cell phone industry geek TCL has brought a new concept phone design proposal. Recently gave a set of demonstration pictures called TCL Fold-N-Roll concept machine, said it is a concept machine, but in fact, the details of the phone part are given very clear, and if the technology allows it is completely mass production.

TCL Fold-n-Roll Concept Introduction (Source: Weibo)

TCL concept called Fold’n Roll, which combines the company’s “Dragon Hinge” technology and an expandable display panel, the result is a 6.87-inch phone that can be expanded to 8.85 and 10-inch sizes. Beyond that, the company did not provide any other details.

The “Fold’n’Roll” itself adopts a concave folding mechanism with the screen facing outward. The biggest highlight of this phone is to be able to secondary expansion, it can expand a 6.87-inch screen phone to 8.85-inch and 10-inch tablet mode, respectively, and the process of deformation is a fusion of folding + scrolling dual program, which can be called the extreme fusion of the current cell phone screen expansion. However, TCL said this program is still in the exploration stage, can not be projected when the product will have a mass production machine to market.

TCL said it is “still exploring the technical specifications of such devices,” although Fold’n’Roll will not be available soon. But TCL says it plans to launch some kind of foldable phone by the end of 2021. Folding screen phones have gradually matured, but can not solve one of the more important problems is the thickness and screen creases, which are dependent on the progress of the screen, and TCL has its screen production line, in this regard still has some advantages.


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