ZTE Axon30 Ultra Core Specifications: Battery, Size, Refresh Rate Unveiled with HQ Renders of All Colorways

ZTE Axon30 Ultra Core Specifications: Battery, Size, Refresh Rate Unveiled with HQ Renders of All Colorways

ZTE Axon30 Ultra Core Specifications

As with last year, many high-end machines this year, the point of performance or screen and camera, to OnePlus 9 Pro, for example, the machine not only continues the previous 2K + 120Hz top screen, the camera is also a significant force, the rear dual main camera. Of course, the so-called image king of the OnePlus 9 Pro is slightly embarrassing, because its image king also only lasted a week, was followed by three main cameras of ZTE Axon30 Ultra.

Last month, ZTE released the new S30 series of products, positioning “trendy and fashionable cell phones for young people”, and some time ago, they also announced that they will release the new Axon 30 series of products on April 15, and recently have been warming up frequently.

The top of the line is the Axon 30 Ultra, which according to the current exposure and preview news, will be equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor and paired with LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory, forming an IRON TRIANGLE of performance, and officially announced today refresh rate of 60-144Hz super dynamic flexible curved screen for Axon30 Ultra.

ZTE Axon30 Ultra Display: 60-144Hz, 33 kinds of full scene coverage

After many exciting camera features warm-up, ZTE now highlighted news about the Axon30 Ultra display, battery, and body size. Officially, the ZTE Axon 30 Ultra made it 8.0mm thick. For comparison, the body thickness of the Xiaomi 11 Ultra, which is also an Ultra, is 8.38mm, and the thickness of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is 8.9mm. Furthermore, ZTE Axon30 Ultra uses a 1.7mm metal frame, and 188 grams of weight on top of the flagship configuration.

ZTE Axon30 Ultra Body Size

This design is very ultra, perhaps the thinnest Ultra flagship on the ground. “The 888 flagships in the industry currently use the mainstream stacked plate design to increase thickness to get a larger layout area, while ZTE’s design team boldly adopted a non-stacked plate design to ensure the integrity of the phone’s signal, higher reliability, and better heat dissipation efficiency,” said ZTE.

The design was designed with a length and width of a fraction of a millimeter to deduct design details and optimize the design, and the entire design continued to be iterated for 25 versions in six months until the best balance between aesthetic design and functionality was achieved. Ultimately, the ZTE Axon30 Ultra gives you the ultimate thinness and grip with a 1.7mm metal frame, 8mm body thickness and 188g weight, and a 4600mAh battery with a top ice wing cooling system on top of the flagship configuration of the Super Cup.

Ni Fei also shared high-quality ZTE Axon30 Ultra Official Rendering of all four colors: Black, Glaze White, Lake Blue, and Light Curry. ZTE Axon30 Ultra four colorways, which one do you pick more?

Light Curry, classic plain leather process, durable and wear-resistant, delicate and soft.
Black, with a custom “sanding” and “etching” formula, visually delicate but not dull
Like Blue, the river is as green as blue in spring, enjoy the Chinese style of leisure and elegance
Glaze White, bright and generous, intellectual and elegant

As for the camera, after several exciting features, ZTE still left many features to unveil; one of those is “Hitchcock Zoom” which is also unveiled today. ZTE said You’re just one ZTE Axon30 Ultra away from being a movie master. “Moving Image Third Era” the Hitchcock Zoom is a professional cinematic effect that uses the principle of perspective to ensure that the size of the subject remains the same and the background appears to change. The ZTE Axon30 Ultra, with its built-in Hitchcock zoom effect using multi-master image fusion technology, lets you master the power of cinematic mastery!”

ZTE Axon30 Ultra Hitchcock zoom

Those who know, small punch hole + ultra-high fingerprint. This machine does not use the under-screen camera, the industry’s pace of this technology has slowed down, before the very aggressive ZTE also use back to the conventional program, centered on the small punch hole is also considered the current optimal solution. Besides, it uses 66W fast charging, the charging head is the same magic reform 6A PPS, compatibility is currently the first tier.

ZTE Axon30 Pro

In addition to the flagship Axon30 Ultra with a very large cup, the large cup Axon30 Pro is designed with a straight screen and is upright on the desktop, the rear lens is also more similar to the Axon30 Ultra as a whole, but the configuration is slightly different.

ZTE Axon30 Pro Official Renderings

From the warm-up text and video and renderings, it is clear that the ZTE Axon 30 Pro uses a rear 64 megapixel’s dual main camera matrix module, while the remaining two lenses may be an ultra-wide-angle and macro lens, detailed parameters have not yet been officially announced.

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