ZTE Axon30 Ultra All Colors and Live Photos Unveiled along with Design Language

ZTE Axon30 Ultra Live Photos

ZTE Axon30 Ultra All Colors and Live Photos

After the launch of the annual flagship products in the friendly business, as the old cell phone manufacturers, ZTE sat down. Recently, ZTE also opened a new flagship warm-up. It is the ZTE Axon30 Ultra. whether the ZTE Axon30 Ultra can stand out in such a competitive cell phone industry? In the face of flagship models such as the Xiaomi 11 Ultra, how will the ZTE Axon30 Ultra breakthrough?

ZTE Axon30 Ultra All Colors

As promised, ZTE will release the Axon30 Series of phones on April 15, including the Axon 30, Axon 30 Pro, and Axon 30 Ultra models, which of two them officially to be equipped with Snapdragon 888 processors. While the below Ultra model, Axon30 Pro will host two 64 Megapixel’s main camera + 2 auxiliary cameras.

ZTE Axon30 Pro and Axon30 Ultra Side-by-Side

The Axon 30 Ultra will feature a curved display, hot-curved glass back cover with a 70-degree side curvature, and a 4.22mm deep bend, which will feel comfortable and soft in the hand, not just thin and light. At the same time, the official announcement of the phone’s four colorways: Black, White, Green, and Plain leather version in orange color. In the meantime, ZTE Axon30 Ultra live photos also appeared on Weibo, let’s take look yourself!

The design language is derived from the characteristics of a brand, which means that a brand controls and regulates the style and shape of its products so that each product has a unique soul. The design concept we considered was how to keep the visuals “sharp and decent”.

After more than 100 PK competitions, we decided to give the ZTE Axon30 Ultra “three main cameras and four arrays” a “breakthrough” visual image – The design language of “LABEL”. The beautiful folding lines outline our dream design form, which gives people a sense of sculpture and rhythm, forming a very recognizable visual symbol that can stand out in the sea of homogeneous machines, which was our original intention.

Ni Fei.
ZTE Axon30 Ultra design launguage

This year, many true flagships are recognizable, but the aesthetics, balance, feel and texture seem to be almost interesting. The ZTE Axon30 series is not only “future image, evolutionary light”, but also in the aesthetics, texture, feel, and recognition to do comprehensive thinking, exploration, and breakthrough. LABEL language is a performance.

ZTE Executive.
ZTE Axon30 Ultra All Colors Trailer

ZTE Axon 30 Ultra will come with a 64MP three main camera as well as an 8-megapixel periscope zoom lens which will feature exclusive super moon ultra mode, steadycam, and many more features. The phone will also be equipped with LPDDR5+UFS 3.1 flash memory, a 44-megapixel front camera, dual speakers, linear motors, and a new charger that supports up to 66W fast charging.

ZTE Axon30 Pro Official Trailer

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