Redmi Gaming Phone Warm-up Begins: Why Redmi Enter in Gaming Phone Segment? Lu Weibing Explained

Redmi Gaming Phone Warm-up, Why does Redmi enter the Gaming Phone battlefield?

Redmi Gaming Phone Warm-up Begins

April 13, Redmi announced its entry into the gaming phone market with its first big release at the end of the month. Redmi said that the Redmi Gaming Phone is positioned as the main game machine, to create a Gaming flagship for more players and insist on the ultimate price/performance ratio.

This comes after Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group China and general manager of the Redmi brand, teased that Redmi will make a push into gaming this year, saying that Redmi’s first flagship gaming phone will bring a flagship gaming experience to the majority of its Redmi fan friends at a price they can’t refuse.

The official announcement! Redmi decided to enter the “game phone.
The first big one will be released at the end of the month.
Positioning: the main game machine, the main flagship + hardcore game features
Goal: To create the ultimate gaming flagship for more players at the best price/performance ratio.
Tuning: top tournaments and top players polished in the whole system.
It’s here, for your defiant love, are you looking forward to it?


According to previously disclosed information, this gaming phone will be equipped with the Dimensity 1200 flagship processor, the second Dimensity 1200 model in the industry, the first was the realme GT Neo. It is reported that the Dimensity 1200 is built on TSMC’s 6nm process, and has 22% higher CPU performance than the previous generation Dimensity 1000+, consisting of 1×3.0GHz A78 + 3×2.6GHz A78 + 4×2.0GHz A55, and the GPU is Mali-G77 MC9, which has 13% higher performance and supports a maximum refresh rate of 168Hz.

Lu Weibing emphasized that the Dimensity 1200 is excellent in real-world testing, with better power consumption and energy efficiency performance; the new upgraded engine makes the gaming function have a more excellent experience; at the same time, Dimensity 1200 ushers in a full upgrade in 5G, AI, and multimedia. There is no doubt that among the many flagship chips in 2021, the Dimensity 1200 is in the first echelon with excellent performance.

Redmi Gaming Phone Warm-up

Why does Redmi enter the Gaming Phone battlefield? Lu Weibing Explained as below:

In the two years since the brand became independent, Redmi has not only completed a full line of products from entry to the flagship but also stabilized the flagship market through three iterations of the K series. 2021, the love continues. The next major battlefield for Redmi is gaming.

Where there’s love, there’s Redmi.

Why did Redmi enter the gaming phone? Love is the reason and the answer to everything. 70% of Redmi users are young users who invest more time in gaming, and gaming phones are a strong demand from Redmi users and a unanimous expectation. And what people want is what we want to do! Therefore, Redmi has decided to officially enter the gaming space. With the help of the entire brand and the deep involvement of many product managers and engineers who love gaming, we have created Redmi’s first gaming flagship. Truly built by gamers, designed for gamers.

Flagship + hardcore gaming creates a new category of “gaming mainframe”. Most of the gaming phones on the market are heavy, alternative and expensive, and have always been a niche category for geeky gamers.

This is not the kind of game phone that people want. Redmi believes that a gaming phone must first be a “normal” phone, and must not be separated from the basic attributes of a “phone”.

In addition to improving the gaming experience, it must take into account the needs of everyday use to the greatest extent. It is a game machine, but it must also be a daily workhorse. Therefore, the Redmi gaming phone has undergone several large-scale structural reorganizations throughout its development cycle, and still has a rare good feel under the premise that all three major gaming components, namely performance, display, and control, are fully equipped, making it the thinnest hardcore gaming flagship on the market.

Hardcore gaming, top tournament joint tuning

This is Redmi’s first time making a gaming phone. Among the many large handheld games, we noticed that CODM is highly confrontational and fast-paced, and is one of the most difficult and hardcore games on the mobile side. After going through layers of screening by the game producers and rigorous testing by professional e-sports players, the K40 series finally established an official partnership with CODM Masters and became the official designated phone for Call of Duty handheld game (national service). Both sides will continue to optimize the game experience through a full year of continuous polishing during the season.

Hitting the Gaming Phone Price Floor with Redmi Efficiency

Gaming phones are new to Redmi, not only with more custom devices, more stacked materials, and higher costs. But Redmi has always been unafraid to compete in the market, and is even better at rewriting the market rules as an industry disruptor, rebuilding the market order, and popularizing high-end products! This time, we will still implement Redmi’s efficiency under the brand mission of ultimate cost performance, and bring the professional gaming experience to the public with a more generous price, penetrating the bottom line of gaming phone prices.

See you at the end of the month for the love of it all!

Redmi serves young users, and more importantly, serves what young users love. This time, Redmi will represent more young gamers who love gaming, and declare war on the old gaming phone industry with a more hardcore gaming experience and a more extreme flagship price/performance ratio!

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