Honor Magic Flagship Series Unleashing the ultimate potential of SOC, AI, Camera, and R&D

Honor Magic Flagship Series Unleashing the ultimate potential of SOC, AI, Camera, and R&D

Honor Magic Flagship Series

Honor Terminal Co., Ltd. chairman Wan Biao previously said in an interview, starting in the middle of this year, there will be very heavyweight products launched to the market. The first batch will be launched Honor Magic flagship series and digital high-end series two smartphone products.

As the first model of the new Honor impact high-end, the new generation of Magic series is frequently exposed to new information, in the Honor CEO Zhao Ming microblogging official announcement level beyond Huawei Mate and P Magic series positioned as the annual all-around technology flagship and aesthetic design benchmark, today there is media exposure of the Honor terminal product line president Fang Fei interview video, Fang Fei reveals that the new generation of Magic series has a powerful imaging system and chip optimization capabilities.

In the interview, Fang Fei revealed that the main body of the Honor product development team is the main body of the original Huawei Terminal first team, not only experienced the incubation process of the early chip but also manipulated the first generation of Honor products, deeply involved in Huawei’s major historical stages, with strong technical strength and rich experience in research and development. Besides, this R&D team is also a whole team, including many of the underlying chip, multimedia, algorithms and other types of experts, a comprehensive and complete R&D chain can further strengthen the Honor Brand in the technical research and development capabilities.

With the richness of cell phone photo scene and shooting level of specialization, the user demand for cell phone images is also rising. In this regard, Fang Fei revealed that the new generation of Honor Magic flagship series image research and development team gathered the most core experts, very familiar with the NPU, ISP the entire image algorithm, there will be a breakthrough in the image, worthy of your expectations.

Since its independence in November last year, Honor has quickly adjusted and restarted. In terms of brand, Honor comprehensive upgrade brand vision as well as brand positioning; in terms of talent, transferred most of Huawei’s R&D team, in terms of technology, took away the camera technology, process technology, architecture design, and other core technologies including image, communication, system design, algorithm, AI and other fields. In short, the independent Honor in the inheritance of Huawei’s good genes at the same time, with strong competitiveness from research and development, production to sales of the whole chain.

Honor will always put the user experience in the first place, in the process of transforming technology power to product power, find the best balance of technological innovation and user experience, and is committed to meeting consumer needs with the best technology experience!” Honor CEO Zhao Ming stressed.

Honor has a strong R&D team and deep technical accumulation, and each product has been meticulously polished by the team. To polish each product well is also what every engineer and employee pursues. We will adhere to the concept of “two-wheel-drive” and “technology boundary point”, from the consumer demand, to find the best combination of technological innovation and user experience, to achieve the perfect balance between the two, to bring consumers a better experience.

Honor Mobile

Look back at the end of last month Honor CEO Zhao Ming announced on microblogging the five goals of the new flagship of Honor. It is mentioned that the Magic series and the Honor Digital series, as Honor’s flagship and high-end products, will create an annual all-around technology flagship and aesthetic design benchmark. The new Honor flagship will have iconic exterior design, advanced imaging capabilities, and algorithms, industry-first communication capabilities, ultimate system design capabilities, rigorous manufacturing processes, and quality assurance, etc., surpassing the Mate and P series to become the new top domestic flagship. “Unleashing the ultimate potential of SOC”, which is behind the core R&D strength and self-confidence of a cell phone experience.

By the original Huawei terminal first R&D team core body manipulation, powerful image, chip, and other technical strength of Honor ultra-high-end Honor Magic flagship series is very worth looking forward to, together with the wait and see.

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