Mi Mix 4 Concept Rendering Reveling Expectations that Mix Fold Ignored

Mi Mix 4 Concept Rendering

Mi Mix 4 Concept Rendering

A few days ago, Xiaomi updated the long-awaited MIX series of new products – Xiaomi MIX Fold, Xiaomi’s first foldable screen flagship phone, the first liquid lens, and the first to carry in-house developed Surge C1 professional image chip.

Live note that in addition to this folding screen phone, Xiaomi may have a new MIX Series next, with an under-screen camera to achieve a true full screen, expected to be named Mi Mix 4. Although Xiaomi has not yet announced the new MIX machine, several bloggers have yet not been satisfied with Mix Fold including me. Some blogger also shared their expectations through Mi Mix 4 concept rendering.

Mi Mix 4 Concept Rendering
Flat vs Curved Display

The next release of the new MIX series is likely to be the long-awaited Mi MIX 4 for fans, a regular straight phone, or a curved surface with under-screen camera technology. Due to technological advances, the screen effect of under-screen camera technology has now been very significantly alleviated, enabling a full-screen experience with a complete and good look and feel on the front.

According to the Mi Mix 4 concept rendering created by Ice Universe, it can be seen that the full-screen effect is very extreme thanks to the under-screen camera technology and narrow bezels all around. Besides, the body lines are more rigid and square compared to the current Xiaomi 11 Series, but to a certain extent to strengthen the visual impact of the full-screen.

Another rendering of Xiaomi’s full-screen and under-screen camera phone comes from Digital Chat Station, although he didn’t mention any name to this device. This rendering features extremely narrow bezels, a full-screen, under-screen camera, and a quad-curved display.

It is reported that Xiaomi has already achieved the mass production stage of the third generation of under-screen camera technology as early as August last year, which uses a new self-researched pixel arrangement, with a redesigned pixel drive circuit, which can further improve the light transmission rate of the front camera part of the screen.

At the same time, Xiaomi also developed an exclusive camera optimization algorithm specifically for the more complex light path of the under-screen camera, which can make the under-screen camera shooting effect is the same as the regular front camera, effectively improving the effect of the use of the under-screen front camera.

There is no official news yet, but from recent news and speculation, Xiaomi will most likely debut a new large-scale mass production of the under-screen camera in the second half of this year, comprehensive information, Xiaomi MIX 4 should serve as the first batch of Xiaomi under-screen camera technology mass production tasks.

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