Suspected Poster Exposing Mi Pad 5 Appearance and Specifications

Mi Pad 5 Appearance and Specifications

Mi Pad 5 Appearance and Specifications

At last month’s Xiaomi spring launch, the long-awaited Mi Tab 5 did not show up, but the official has made it clear that the Xiaomi Tablet will be updated. The Xiaomi tablet has not been updated for three years, this year’s return has attracted a lot of attention, the latest news that has entered the network, the internal model “K81C”.

Suspected Mi Pad 5 Appearance Official Poster

The K81C device is in the network, a super large screen super battery super-fast charging SM8250 high refresh product, according to the microblogger Digital Chat Station. The SM8250 here is the Snapdragon 870 chip. According to the comments, Mi Tab 5 not only carries a 10.95-inch super screen, 8000mAh super battery. According to the poster, Mi Pad 5 is Series, and includes three models: Mi Pad 5, Mi Pad 5 Plus, and Mi Pad 5 Pro equipped with Snapdragon 768G, 870, 888 respectively.

About Mi Pad 5, sources say its system is similar to that of the just-released MIX FOLD foldable-screen phone, which likely means that the tablet will also support Pocket PC mode, parallel windows, dual-screen drag, and drop, conference mini-secretary, multi-picture sending, and other features.

Mi Mix Fold UI

Besides, Xiaomi internal executives have previously revealed that the MIUI for Pad system will be developed specifically for the tablet product, similar to the MIX FOLD folding screen, will support the Pocket PC mode, providing a familiar computer interface, which includes the classic start menu, control center, but also open multiple windows at the same time, bringing a richer experience, get rid of the big screen phone title.

In terms of configuration, the Mi Pad 5 will be equipped with a Snapdragon 870 processor, a 10.95-inch 2K 144Hz LCD screen, and a side-mounted fingerprint solution. With 2K resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, 480Hz sampling rate LCD screen, with 20MP + 13MP camera arranged in Mi 11 camera style layout, about 8.13mm thick, weighing about 510g.

At the same time, Mi Pad 5 Pro will also support similar to the iPad Pro stylus function, the overall positioning belongs to the high-end market, will be launched as a flagship model against the iPad, Huawei Mate Pad Pro, and other high-end products of friends.


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