ZTE Axon30 Ultra Features 1-Click 3-Shot and 3-Camera Simultaneously Video Recording

ZTE Axon30 Ultra Features for Photography

ZTE Axon30 Ultra Features for Photography

ZTE Axon30 Ultra Features for Photography

ZTE Axon30 series phones will be released on April 15, 2021, and today ZTE has made several official previews showing flagship Axon30 Ultra features for photography and more camera samples. The phone will feature three main camera lenses, including a 64MP wide-angle, 64MP ultra-wide-angle, and 64MP portrait-zoom lens, and an 8MP periscopic telephoto lens.

Officially, the Axon30 Ultra phone supports up to three cameras for simultaneous video and photo shooting to get multiple views at once. Besides, two of the cameras have OIS optical stabilization. ZTE has officially released a demonstration photo and video promos of the three cameras taking pictures and recording video together, showing the three rear cameras (in Video shooting, 2 rear and 1 front used).

ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 1-Click 3-Shot
ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 3-Camera Simultaneously Video Recording

ZTE’s new Axon30 series was official will be released on the 15th of April, the official also gave a great deal of the machine’s rear lens design, but the front screen aspect was not revealed, today, the Digital Chat Station brought this part of the information.

According to the Digital Chat Station: the new ZTE Axon30 Ultra will use a very small hole front panel design solution, much smaller than the current global smallest Redmi K40’s 2.76mm, refreshing the world’s smallest digging hole record, and the phone’s overall three control is also good, the weight has also achieved a thin design.

“According to research conducted by colleagues of the image, some people like what you see is what you get when shooting night scenes, and night is night; while some people like brighter nights and hope to see a lot of more abundant night scenes. So this time, our ZTE Axon30 Ultra three main cameras are equipped with a super night scene to AI algorithm, and the user decides what kind of night shooting effect he wants. I will show you the next two proofs, are they very good?” Said, Ni Fei.

More ZTE Axon30 Ultra Camera Samples: (Official quote below each picture)

ZTE Axon30 Ultra 64MP super sensitive main camera, dark night scene, beauty is not just talking!
ZTE Axon30 Ultra 64MP ultra-high-definition humanistic main camera, even in the dark effect, the 35mm equivalent focal length can still achieve a perfect balance between the subject and the background environment, what you see is what you take!
The account of background information is very important for humanistic photography. Factors such as time, place, and occasion need to be explained by things other than the subject. And ZTEAxon30 Ultra’s 35mm humanistic photos mainly show the relationship between the subject and the background environment. Let the photos tell you the story.
ZTE Axon30# Ultra The only superhuman main camera in the industry, 64MP Ultra HD, 35mm equivalent focal length. To explain the environment and highlight the characters, the 35mm lens records more calmly. Use the most realistic lens to record, capture, and feel. Give the image its own story.
Come! Let’s show you a big scene. How about the wide-angle effect of ZTE Axon30 Ultra?
Three shots at the same time, multiple viewing angles and one-key lock!
The industry’s most high-definition low-distortion ultra-wide-angle main camera

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