Huawei V Series 2021 Smart TV Debuts with Upto 85-inch, 75W Devalet Sound, and 1000nit Brightness

Huawei V Series 2021 Smart TV

Huawei V Series 2021 Smart TV

In Huawei whole house intelligence and smart screen flagship new conference, Huawei V Series 2021 Smart TV models officially released. The new product has a simpler appearance, with the bottom audio component further hidden, while still using the pop-up 24-megapixel AI camera.

Huawei V Series 2021 Smart TV

Huawei V Series 2021 smart TV includes four models: 55, 65, 75, and 85 inches, all standard with 75W Devalet speaker system, 4K 120Hz LCD screen, with HDR Vivid certification, 92% DCI-P3 color gamut, and Rheinland low blue light certification. The 55-75-inch version of the series TVs with 16-zone backlight, 85-inch version with direct down backlight, with 168 zones.

Besides, the 55-inch version of Huawei’s new V-Series TV has 400nit typical brightness and 750nit peak brightness, while the 65-85-inch version has 500nit typical brightness and 1000nit peak brightness.

In terms of audio, Huawei V Series 2021 models are equipped with a Devalet audio system with up to 75W output power, using the TV backdrop and ceiling for acoustic reflection to bring a 3D stereo sound effect. The TV has a built-in passive radiator with Push-Push vibration-balanced acoustic design, which can significantly offset vibration noise and bring a purer high-fidelity sound quality.

The TVs are equipped with the HarmonyOS system, which supports cell phone screencasting, AI fitness, video calling, and other functions, as well as the K-song function with an intelligent microphone. AI Smart Eye can recognize three people at the same time, has a three-dimensional bone recognition algorithm, has a single person’s maximum 30 nodes of skeletal joint recognition, and provides precise action guidance.

Huawei’s V Series 2021 is equipped with the Honghu 818 chip and comes with 4GB of memory as standard. The 55-inch version has 16GB of ROM and the 65-inch and above version has 64GB of ROM.

The series opened for pre-sale at 21:08 on April 8 and will be officially launched at 00:00 on April 14, with the 55-inch version priced at RMB 5,499, the 65-inch version at RMB 7,999, the 75-inch version at RMB 13,999, and the 85-inch version priced at RMB 21,999.


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