Xiaomi 11 Ultra Repair Cost Unveiled Motherboard Cost More than Redmi K40

Xiaomi 11 Ultra repair Cost

Xiaomi 11 Ultra repair Cost

The Xiaomi 11 Ultra, known as the light of Android, has been on sale for a few rounds, and in addition to top performance, the machine’s shape is also being talked about by netizens. The camera module on the rear of the machine is huge, occupying nearly a third of the back cover area, this is because, in addition to the lens, there is a new secondary screen design on the right side.

It is reported that Xiaomi through the multi-layer silicon zirconium nitrogen oxide coating stack, adjust the reflection, transmittance, and chromaticity value of the small window area of the film layer so that it and the surrounding camera module presents nearly the same black, visual integration is stronger. In the recent live broadcast, Lei Jun said that the Xiaomi 11 Ultra sub-screen is the same screen used on the Xiaomi Band 5, the size is identical.

Xiaomi 11 Ultra positioning is the super flagship, the machine starts at 5999 yuan for 8GB + 256GB. As the annual flagship, Xiaomi 11 Ultra in screen, image, charging, performance, and other aspects have reached the first echelon of the Android camp level. So what does the out-of-warranty Xiaomi 11 Ultra repair cost?

Today, Xiaomi Mall announced the Xiaomi 11 Ultra out-of-warranty repair price table. The table shows that the most expensive component of the Xiaomi 11 Ultra is the motherboard, with an out-of-warranty repair guide price of 2,400 yuan, a price that would buy a Redmi K40 and still have leftovers (the Redmi K40 starts at 1,999 yuan).

Next is the display, rear camera, an out-of-warranty guide price is 1,650 yuan, 1,370 yuan, respectively, the battery out-of-warranty guide price is 179 yuan, the battery cover is 420 yuan, the front camera is 85 yuan, the subplate is 55 yuan, labor costs are 40 yuan.

It is worth noting that the Xiaomi 11 Pro and Xiaomi 11 Ultra MiCare cell phone guarantee service is online. 2 broken screens within 2 years for free repair, 1-year warranty for a new one, unused replacement also enjoys extended warranty for 1 year, priced at 949 yuan. Compared to out-of-warranty repairs, the Xiaomi 11 Ultra MiCare guarantee service is more worthwhile for users to start.


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