Ultra-slim Gaming TV Samsung QX2 Debuts with 4K 120Hz

Ultra-slim Gaming TV Samsung QX2 Debuts with 4K 120Hz 1

Ultra-slim Gaming TV Samsung QX2

Samsung announced the launch of the Samsung QX2 ultra-slim gaming TV in Mainland China, 55 inches priced at 6999 yuan, 65 inches priced at 8999 yuan, 75 inches priced at 14999 yuan, April 14 on sale.

Samsung QX2 ultra-slim gaming TV uses a quantum dot 4K processor, equipped with HDMI 2.1 interface, supports the output of 4K 120Hz screen, supports 5.8ms low latency, VRR anti-tearing, but also through the AMD FreeSync Premium certification, and VRR is tear-proof.

In terms of picture quality, HDR10+ technology is used, which enables the relevant color and brightness information to be adjusted at any time according to real-time scenes, making the bright areas and dark fields more detailed, restoring things more accurately as they are, achieving better display effects and providing users with a better visual experience.

The TV also features a Quantum Dot 4K processor that supports ultra-wide gaming viewing angles and can be adjusted to 21:9 ratio and 32:9 ratio, giving you more viewing area and allowing you to win the best gaming experience. Besides, the display game bar allows you to optimize your games with faceted menus such as screen ratio adjustment, input lag check, FPS, HDR, wireless headset, and more. Samsung QX2 Ultra Slim Gaming TV also features a 27mm ultra-thin body with a 20W power audio system and supports Bixby AI voice with 16 dialects.

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