Cold And Fast Lenovo Legion 2 Pro Price and Specifications Announced with Unique Cooling System

Lenovo Legion 2 Pro Price and Specifications

Lenovo Legion 2 Pro Price and Specifications

In the evening of April 8, Lenovo held a new conference with the theme of “COLD AND FAST”, and the Gaming Phone Legion 2 Pro price and specifications were officially unveiled with up to 18GB RAM and 512GB storage. The first sale will take place at 10:00 on April 9.

Lenovo Legion 2 Pro Official Introduction Video

Lenovo Legion 2 Pro Price and Memory Options

On the front screen, the Legion 2 Pro is equipped with a 6.92-inch 2460 × 1080 AMOLED 144Hz Samsung custom gaming non-porous screen, using the latest E4 light-emitting material and diamond arrangement. And it is also equipped with Pixelworks independent display enhancement chip, which ensures excellent display quality while achieving a high refresh rate. With a 720Hz multi-finger sampling rate and the industry’s lowest 3.8ms screen touch latency, providing users with a responsive and hands-on control experience.

Legion 2 Pro display also supports HDR 10+ screen display certification, with 111.1% P3 wide color gamut coverage, Delta E < 0.5, whether playing games or watching videos can have a fine and realistic display effect. The peak brightness of the screen can reach up to 1300 nits, the screen also passed the TUV Rheinland anti-blue light eye protection certification, and supports global DC dimming.

In terms of rear camera, the Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone 2 Pro is equipped with a dual-camera image system, respectively a 16MP ultra wide-angle macro lens with a wide 120° framing range and a 64MP 1/1.32-inch sensor; the front lens is a 44MP side-mounted pop-up front camera with industry-leading neural network-based virtual image generation technology, that allows users to automatically generate an exclusive image through AI face attribute detection or customize the image to pinch the face. In terms of video shooting, the Lenovo Legion 2 Pro supports HDR10+ full process experience, and also supports 8K video, director mode, Audio Zoom, and many other features.

The Legion 2 Pro is equipped with Snapdragon 888 flagship chip + full-blooded UFS 3.1 and full-blooded LPDDR5 core processors, which significantly increase the read/write and loading rates, adding to the flagship performance again. Lenovo officially released this mobile game measured frame rate. The results show that the average frame rate reached 59.5fps when playing “Original God”, with frame rate fluctuations as low as 6.8fps. besides, the phone scored 855,000 points on AnTuTu Benchmark at room temperature.

The Legion 2 Pro is equipped with a large 5500mAh battery and dual 90W fast charging, which can charge 82% of the battery in 17 minutes, and can be fully charged in 30 minutes, and supports healthy charging, which can better extend the battery life through high voltage protection and current limitation.

As a gaming phone, it will naturally have different optimization in terms of gaming and heat dissipation. The Legion 2 Pro has a bypass charging function, which allows the charger to supply power to the system and not to the battery. This ensures that the phone does not get hot and the power does not drop.

The Legion 2 Pro is equipped with a dual vortex fan pressurized liquid cooling active-passive integrated mid-range cooling system. Lenovo sets up a large liquid-cooled VC heat sink for the middle heat source, thus realizing fast and even heat from the middle to both sides. The built-in pure copper closed air duct, supported by the unique T-shaped air duct design, can further extend the heat exchange time in the body and take away more heat.

Inside Lenovo Legion 2 Pro Cooling System

Besides, the Legion 2 Pro has a built-in dual turbocharged fan with a 0.22mm ultra-thin fan blade for less wind resistance and greater ventilation. According to the actual test results of the China Academy of Metrology, the maximum ventilation volume of the fans can reach 2724.3ml/min, which is equivalent to 750 internal and external heat exchanges per minute, doubling the cooling efficiency.

Furthermore, the phone has two air outlets, the main fan is used for air intake from the back cover opening, and the secondary fan further exports the airflow to the second air duct. The noise level of the dual turbofans is as low as 24.7dB and has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours and 5.7 years.

The Legion Gaming 2 Pro features an AI intelligent temperature control system with 14 evenly distributed temperature sensors to precisely control temperature and prevent lagging. Officially, the phone supports 7×24 hours of lag monitoring, reducing the number of lags by 40%.

The design of the Legion 2 Pro is very unique and very different from traditional mainstream phones. The internal design uses ATA 2.0 mid-architecture, similar to the mid-architecture of a car, with hardware stacked in the middle to further optimize the heat dissipation structure, from the core area of the mid-architecture hardware and conduct heat to both sides simultaneously.

The unique architecture of the Legion 2 Pro also achieves asymmetrical aesthetic, including the world’s first and only dual X-axis motors, a new dual vortex fan pressurized liquid cooling active-passive integrated middle cooling system, dual symmetrical eight gods keys, etc. The feel and operation are made for the real experience of gaming.

Other aspects, the Legion 2 Pro phone also supports the most powerful dual speakers in the phone, full-featured USB-C interface, 5G + Wi-Fi 6E dual network, etc. The color scheme has two kinds of Black and White, supports RGB faith light, weighs 262 grams, and measures 176mm × 78.5mm × 10.32mm.

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