Mi Smart Band 6 Brief Review: 2 Functions Are Most Concerned

Mi Smart Band 6 Brief Review: NFC Version

Mi Smart Band 6 Brief Review: NFC Version

At the launch event on March 29, Xiaomi brought several new heavyweight cell phones in addition to a lightweight product release, the Mi Smart Band also upgraded. Today, we brought to you Mi Smart Band 6 brief review.

Mi Smart Band 6 Brief Review

The new Mi Smart Band 6 is equipped with a 1.56-inch retina-level runway full-screen, has a wealth of personalized dials, IP dials, custom dials, and colorful wristbands, and further upgrades in practical functions, supporting blood oxygen saturation detection, 30 sports modes, but also cross-brand full compatibility and other functional features, is a sports health assistant for everyone.

Mi Smart Band 6 outer packaging is still black + the physical appearance of the product design, at a glance, where the large word 6 is very eye-catching. The side of the box is very detailed to give the Mi Smart Band 6 supported functional items and use of the environment, for a maximum price of less than 300 yuan products, has done that “Can Give All Give” state. The interior of the package is very simple, the bracelet + magnetic charging cable is basically useful for these two things.

Mi Smart Band 6’s 1.56-inch screen is in fact the biggest upgrade, it is in the appearance of the use of shaped cutting technology, display area increased by 50%, 326 PPI reached the retina level, and the use of the screen up and down, left and right slide very smoothly, without the slightest lag, have to pick the bones of the word is now spoiled by the high refresh screen of the phone, and you will feel a little lag when looking at the screen without high refresh.

The pairing is also very convenient, download and install the Xiaomi Sports 5.0.0 app and open it, log in to your Xiaomi account, then the app interface will automatically remind you to pair with the bracelet, then just bring your phone and bracelet close to it, it will pair itself and connect successfully, no additional search work is needed.

The Xiaomi Sports app shows all the details of the bracelet, including the remaining power, the current bracelet dial wallpaper, bracelet settings and finds the bracelet, etc. It’s very versatile and has everything you need.

As a product worn on the wrist and the screen is enlarged, the wallpaper of the screen is naturally the most can change the temperament of the product, so in the first time I opened the dial mall, but the moment I opened it regretted, this is too much, people who have a phobia of choice, because you will feel that each one is very design sense.

Not only that, but the dial can also intuitively display the date and time, weather, heart rate, steps, vitality index, calorie consumption, power, and other information while eliminating the original physical touch buttons, the introduction of a new gesture operation.

The most important point of gesture operation is that many times it will make people feel that there is no learning cost, up and down, left and right sliding corresponding functions are it should appear, will not make the user feel cumbersome, on this point alone, in fact, Xiaomi hand slide in the system operation of reasonable design has been much better than the car system of many cars today.

In terms of functionality, Mi Smart Band 6 has a new blood oxygen saturation monitoring function, which supports nighttime opening and continuous measurement, aids sleep monitoring, and provides health reports based on heart rate changes and blood oxygen changes during sleep to determine the quality of breathing during sleep.

At the same time, the built-in high-performance PPG biosensor, reducing the interference of irregular movements, can be calculated according to the variability of heart rate during sleep, the law of change of respiratory information, to provide analysis reports.

For heart rate monitoring, Mi Smart Band 6 adds abnormal heartbeat alert, which assesses the heart condition by measuring heart rate through the Smart Band for 24 hours and suggests abnormal heartbeat.

Blood oxygen saturation monitoring and heart rate monitoring can be said to be the necessary functions of the current Smart Band/Smartwatches products, up to thousands of yuan, down to a few hundred, if the new product does not have these two functions can be said to be a half-finished product, which also illustrates the current demand for a healthy life, and the most critical thing is that, compared to the previous Smart Band those records walking, running, sedentary reminders and other such functions, blood oxygen saturation monitoring and heart rate monitoring are life-saving.

I may be irregular in my daily life, overeating and so on, you remind me I may also be verbally promised not necessarily to change, but if the person who reminded me is a doctor, I have to strictly follow the medical advice to operate.

The two functions of the Mi Smart Band 6 are the two most concerned about the health of the “doctor”.

Other hardware, Mi Band 6 built-in six-axis sensor, support 50 meters waterproof, and the addition of 19 new sports model. This NFC version of the author also has a built-in Xiaomi head online celebrity Xiao Ai.

In fact, now that I look back and think about each generation of the previous Xiaomi bracelet, its progress is no less than the change in Xiaomi cell phones over the past 11 years, from the earliest no screen to the current 1.56-inch retina screen + oxygen saturation monitoring and heart rate monitoring, Mi Smart Band 6 even if sold for 279 yuan, its hardware configuration and functional richness is still the best in the current Smart Band products. It is still the best price/performance ratio.

And its service targets have become more comprehensive this time, children, the elderly can use, more in-depth health testing is also more conducive to pay attention to the physical condition of family members, which is the key point of a Smart Band product to become a must-have.

Source: AnTuTu Benchmark, by Author Wanglei

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