Lenovo Legion 2 Pro Rear Camera Also Industries 1st 64MP With the bottom of 1/1.32 inch and Front 44MP

Lenovo Legion 2 Pro Rear Camera

Following the display, battery, and charging information of Lenovo Legion 2 Pro, this morning, the official blog of the Lenovo Legion gaming phone again brought news of the new preview, this time in terms of camera, the Legion gaming phone said, “Playing hot, not as hot as a key on! The highest front pixel 44 megapixel’s front camera phone to date!” As shown in promotional poster, Legion 2 Pro front camera uses previous generation’s style: side pop-up.

Besides the 44 megapixel’s front is currently known to be the best, the rear main camera, also powerful to no friend. The main camera head is the industry premiere of the new flagship camera. Super bottom 1/1.32 inch 64 megapixels high resolution, supports light-sensitive area two hands, super night scene, 8K video recording, etc. Legion 2 Pro rear camera uses 7P lens, 1P + 6P AOA process, and the main camera IMX700 of the Friends P40 the same camera, there is no dispute that Legion is the best photo game phone, right?

Update: The Legion 2 Pro main camera metrics and the original images you want to take are delivered. The latest flagship 1/1.32-inch large-bottom sensor, the OV64A, has 64 effective megapixels and also supports up to 4K 120fps and 8K 30fps video capture capabilities.

Earlier, Jin, who is certified as the general manager of Lenovo China’s cell phone business department, also said in a Weibo post and gave a detailed explanation of this screen of the Legion Gaming Phone 2 Pro, saying, “we are confident that the screen we customized is the best high brush gaming screen. 1. Samsung screen material we all understand, E4 diamond arrangement; 2. refresh rate industry’s fastest delay industry’s lowest, while shooting first headshot; 3. No digging holes do not block the display does not affect the operation, only worthy of the name “gaming screen”. The best full-symmetric screen pressure-sensitive cost is indeed very high, but this is the Legion pursuit of the ultimate persistence and attitude.”

In addition to the above, the Legion 2 Pro will also support a multi-finger sampling rate of 720Hz, resulting in a fast response time of 3.8 milliseconds. Other hardware configuration need not be mentioned again, the gaming phone is certainly the strongest that can be bought, the machine will be released on April 8, is also the last work of domestic game phone.

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