March 2021 Android Phone Performance List: BlackShark 4 Pro Tops with SSD

March 2021 Android Phone Performance List: BlackShark 4 Pro Tops with SSD

March 2021 Android Phone Performance List

Today, AnTuTu released the March 2021 Android phone performance list, which includes two categories of flagship Android phones and mid-range Android phones. This data statistics for March 1, 2021, to March 31, the list of results for the statistics to the average score rather than the highest score, and a single model data statistics > 1000, the data are based on the AnTuTu Benchmark V8 version of the calculation, if a single model has more than one storage capacity version on the list, the version with the highest score.

Also remind, this list may be the last edition of the AnTuTu V8 version, the next edition will use the new V9 data, compared to V8 increased the number of test items, give full play to cell phone performance, so the calculation of the results will also be higher.

March Flagship Phone Performance List

March Flagship Phone Performance List

As shown in the list, the first Android flagship performance list is the Black Shark game phone 4 Pro, the average score of 765579, become equipped with Snapdragon 888 scores of the highest models, by comparing sub scores found that the machine’s 3D and MEM scores have a large lead, where the 3D score is the GPU sustained high frequency in exchange, in the previous review I also found that the machine has a more excellent heat dissipation capacity, so the GPU to maintain high frequency for a longer time.

MEM score is interesting, the Black Shark 4 Pro built-in directly stuffed with an SSD, through the raid disk array and UFS 3.1 flash memory combination, parallel storage read and write operations, storage performance is a substantial lead, coupled with full-blooded LPDDR5 memory, so its MEM score has outstanding performance.

The second is OPPO Find X3 Pro, the average score of 742,078, the machine almost equal to the first Black Shark 4 Pro, mainly behind the MEM score, indicating that the machine’s performance tuning is also quite spirited, though the author’s review found that the Find X3 Pro daily and game heat is not obvious, the temperature will be significantly increased after the score.

Besides, the machine is still running Color OS 11.2, system resource scheduling compared to the previous version has been more optimized, according to the official description is to improve the performance of 32%, and with a new UX algorithm, as well as read-only compression, random read and write and sequential read and write speed for its score a lot.

The third-place model is Tencent RedMagic 6 Pro Gaming Phone, with an average score of 741100. It’s understandable to have such performance, and the credit mainly lies in the air-cooled cooling, with a large fan continuously cooling the Snapdragon 888, as a way to get the high frequency of CPU and GPU. In the actual test, through the continuous game to see its frame rate performance, several 3D scenes are not significant fluctuations, RedMagic insisted so many years of fan cooling, really has a certain effect.

Although the Red Magic 6 Pro with 165Hz high brush screen, UX scores are not significantly improved, after viewing found that some users did not open 165Hz mode for running scores, here it is still recommended to give full play to the phone’s performance, l

The rest are also the latest models equipped with Snapdragon 888 their overall performance does not differ much, most of them are through the system resource scheduling and heat dissipation to improve performance, only the Black Shark 4 Pro is an exception, with the unique storage performance smoothly get the first.

Mid-range Phone performance list in March.

Mid-range Phone performance list in March.

March is the month when the flagship of each manufacturer debuts, so few mid-range models were released. The list has not changed much compared to previous issues.

The third model, Vivo S7t, is also equipped with the Dimensity 820, with an average score of 393918, and by comparison, the gap between the three is not obvious, almost equal.

Finally, to sum up, this time is now the mid-range window, suppliers have mid-range planning, but have not yet released, after all, to follow the product strategy to go, but reference to previous revelations, Qualcomm and MediaTek are preparing mid-range and high-end processors, and not the old flagship 7nm, but with a more advanced 6nm process, so the mid-range cell phone market in 2021 may be very good-looking, you can squat a wave.

Besides, due to time issues, this list does not include models that have not yet been sold or sold soon, such as Xiaomi 11 Ultra and OnePlus 9 Pro, how do they perform, and can they surpass existing models? See you on the next list.


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