Skyworth W82 Transformable OLED TV and Skyworth W92 8K 120Hz OLED TV with Audio Glass Sound Debuts

Skyworth W82 and Skyworth W92

Skyworth W82 and Skyworth W92

Skyworth held the Skyworth TV 2021 Spring New Product Conference in Beijing at 14:30 on March 31. At this conference, Skyworth launched two top OLED TV products, Skyworth W82 and Skyworth W92. At the beginning of the conference, Skyworth Chairman Wang Zhiguo shared Skyworth OLED TV’s impressive performance in the past year, with a 52.3% market share in the year.

Among them, W82 is the world’s first Skyworth deformation OBM self-made flexible screen body, is Skyworth’s first OLED deformation TV. And W92 is the world’s second 8K OLED TV, the first 8K OLED TV in China, and the world’s first glass-sounding TV.

Skyworth is the first technology company with OBM qualification and capability in China and has previously launched W81 Pro with Skyworth’s wallpaper OBM and S81 Pro series with Skyworth’s screen sounding OBM, and now this family has welcomed a new member of the deformation OBM W82.

The W82 is equipped with a 4K 120Hz OLED flexible display, combined with Skyworth’s Transformation OBMTM electric curved flat structure and fish scale retractable backshell structure, together to achieve the screen curved straight “as you wish”.

Skyworth W82

Officially, Skyworth W82 has realized the intelligent adaptation of screen curvature in multiple scenarios, hitting the user’s pain point and enriching the scenario application of large-screen TVs, and has entered the stage of mass production and listing, which is the innovative landing result of Skyworth’s Transform OBM technology.

Skyworth W82 Introduction

Skyworth’s OBM Transform technology has achieved four breakthroughs, including OBM’s self-made flexible screen body, electric bending and leveling mechanism, fish scale state retractable backshell structure, and 1000R curved and straight intelligent adjustment.

Skyworth W82 can realize the 1000R curvature intelligent adjustment of viewing distance, which can adjust the curvature from 3.5 meters to 1 meter according to the best viewing distance. At the same time, the W82 can be adjusted to 2000R optimal viewing curvature in movie viewing mode and 1500R optimal gaming curvature in gaming mode.

The Skyworth W82 is equipped with a 4K 120Hz OLED flexible display that supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 high dynamic range display standards. The W82 is also equipped with Skyworth’s exclusive display technologies, including SOBiF residual shadow-free technology, Skyworth’s 30+ image quality tuning 3D LUT cinematic original color, and Skyworth’s ALS Eye Protection Screen Transformation. Its built-in Skyworth AI Picture Quality Engine 4K version supports Super Definition, 120FPS MEMC, Core Color, AI Scene Picture Quality Optimization, AI Dynamic Range Extension, and other functions.

The Skyworth W82 (65″) is priced at RMB 29,999 (approximately USD 4,575) starting from May 2021.

Skyworth W92

The Skyworth W92 is equipped with a rare 88-inch 8K 120Hz OLED panel in the current market, and Skyworth’s self-developed and world’s first Skyworth Acoustic Glass Sounding Technology. As another masterpiece of Skyworth based on the high-end market, Skyworth W92 claims to break through the technical ceiling of the industry with innovation and elevate the sound and picture experience of the TV category to a whole new level.

Skyworth W92 Introduction

In terms of screen, Skyworth W92 is the world’s second (the first is LG’s 88Z9) 8K OLED TV for mass production in the consumer market, with a pixel resolution of 7680×4320, four times that of a 4K TV. With 130 million pixel point self-illumination brings the ultimate contrast ratio of 10 million:1, while supporting Dolby Vision, HDR10 high dynamic range standard, and equipped with Skyworth AI picture quality engine 8K version.

It is also equipped with two independent MEMC chips, which enhance the 8K picture, which is already extremely high-definition, to the ultimate performance of 8K 120 fps, which is the “peak” of picture quality and presents a delicate and realistic visual sensation on a large screen.

Skyworth TV is the first TV company in the industry to use glass sound, and the W92 uses Skyworth Acoustic Glass Sound Technology, Skyworth Acoustic Built-in Bass Drum, and pneumatic tweeters to form the sound matrix of its audio system, with full and clear sound levels.

The main part of the sound system uses the world’s first Skyworth Acoustic Glass Sound Generation Technology, which uses a whole glass as the diaphragm and four 30-core electromagnetic drivers evenly distributed on the whole glass panel to directly drive the glass for sound generation, forming a sound transmission from point to point, making users feel like they are in the same place.

The TV is also equipped with TrensAI EYE full-time AI Bright Eyes 12 million high-input gimbal AI camera with three-axis rotation for automatic angle adjustment, 30 degrees each for horizontal rotation, 60 degrees up, and 14 degrees down for vertical rotation to achieve up, down, left and right omnidirectional tracking shooting function.

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The camera CMOS adopts a 1.55μm large single pixel area, with F1.76 large aperture, dark light shooting also clear. Family care, panoramic family photos, portrait tracking video calls, and other functions can be achieved.

Skyworth W92 (88 inches) is priced at 199,999 yuan (approximately USD 30,499) and will be officially opened for sale on April 8.

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