Brand New Honor Strategy Quoted by CEO Zhao Ming

New Honor Strategy

New Honor Strategy

On the evening of March 31, Honor CEO Zhao Ming shared the next series of actions of the new Honor on Weibo, detailing the product positioning and future new Honor Strategy goals, etc. With the tagline of “New Honor New Journey” Zhao Ming said:

March 31, 2021, Honor milestone on the day, the integration of all aspects of the full completion, to open a new strategy of Honor full sprint:

From Zhao Ming’s description, we can see that besides launching heavy new product lines in cell phones, Honor will also bring various new product lines such as tablets, laptops, smart screens, etc. to expand for easy market share, which is what Honor must do after it becomes an independent brand.

Annual all-around technology flagship Honor Magic series and aesthetic design benchmark digital series you can look forward to. Unleash the ultimate potential of the SoC with outstanding performance, longevity experience, fluidity, and security; advanced imaging capabilities and algorithms; industry-leading communication capabilities; ultimate system design capabilities and stringent manufacturing processes and quality assurance to bring the ultimate experience to everyone.

Honor CEO Zhao Ming.

So far this year, Honor only released two cell phones: V40 and V40 Light Luxury Edition, and a table V7, and more or less also have some Huawei shadow, the next Honor brought new how depending on when Honor’s official announcement.


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