Xiaomi 11 Pro Goes Official Debuting Several New Technologies

Xiaomi 11 Pro

Xiaomi 11 Pro Goes Official

The flagship phone market competition in March has become more and more intense, each phone will be full of configuration, the price is extremely sincere, so people increasingly do not know how to choose. The cost-effective label Xiaomi 11 Pro is said to have booked the Android emperor, not only the hardware configuration extreme but also spent 200 million to create the main camera, will bring the image shooting quality improvement.

On the evening of March 29, Xiaomi spring’s new product launch was held as scheduled, its new machine Xiaomi 11 Pro goes official. First look at the price, Xiaomi 11 Pro 8GB + 128GB version of 4999 yuan, 8GB + 256GB version of 5299 yuan, 12GB + 256GB version of 5699 yuan, April 2 officially opened for sale.

Xiaomi 11 Pro Price and Specifications

Xiaomi this time offers three versions, the standard version does not include the charger and data line; set version + 0 yuan comes with a 67W wired charger; besides there is a superset version, plus 199 yuan to send 499 yuan wireless charging stand.

Xiaomi 11 Pro continues the form factor of Xiaomi 11, with a frontal four micro-curved flexible screen, the overall difference lies in the weight of the body, the former with an overall thickness of 8.53mm and weight of 208g, offering green, purple, and black colors.

Core configuration, the new machine still uses a 2K + 120Hz + E4 high brush screen, 1 billion true color display, equipped with Snapdragon 888, with full-blooded LPDDR5 + UFS 3.1 flash memory.

It should be noted that the Xiaomi 11 Pro debuted full phase change heat dissipation technology, a new phase-change thermal conductivity material, which is claimed to improve thermal conductivity by 100%, while the built-in 2000m㎡VC, forming a solid-liquid-gas triple-speed heat dissipation system.

At the same time, the first super-fast charging silicon-oxygen negative electrode, has a higher battery density, capacity of 5000mAh, equipped with 67W wired charging, the world’s first 67W wireless charging, 6:1 charge pump, and wired charging speed the same, official data test 36 minutes full.

Camera, Xiaomi 11 Pro first Samsung GN2 (50MP, size 1.4μm, 4in1 2.8μm large pixel, dual native ISO Fusion, 8P lens, OIS, 8K recording) + periscope lens (8MP, OIS, equivalent to 120mm, 5XX variation, 50X digital variation) + 123° ultra-wide angle (13MP), support 1920fps super slow motion.

Advanced features, the machine also has stereo dual speakers, Wi-Fi 6 enhanced, IP68 dust and water resistance (Xiaomi’s first), X-axis horizontal linear motor, NFC + infrared remote control, Bluetooth 5.2, and many other features.

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