Officially Xiaomi 11 Youth Edition Debut Snapdragon 780G With Thinnest 5G Phone Crown

Xiaomi 11 Youth Edition Debut Snapdragon 780G 5nm SoC

Xiaomi 11 Youth Edition Debut Snapdragon 780G 5nm SoC

Xiaomi official just announced that Xiaomi 11 Youth Edition global first Snapdragon 780G processor, Xiaomi 11 Youth Edition a.k.a. Mi 11 Lite also the slimmest Xiaomi phone ever. Recently, Qualcomm just released the Snapdragon 780G a few days ago, which is based on an octa-core architecture and is the successor to the Snapdragon 768G, which will target low-budget 5G smartphones.

The Snapdragon 780G uses a 5nm process and includes one 2.4GHz Cortex-A78 core, three 2.2GHz Cortex-A78 cores, and four 1.9GHz Cortex-A55 cores. Qualcomm promises a CPU boost of up to 45%, mainly due to the doubling of the larger cores and the adoption of a new microarchitecture. LPDDR4X-2133MHz memory is also supported.

The Snapdragon 780G features an Adreno 642 GPU, a 50 percent improvement over the previous generation, and its graphics drivers support OTA updates. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 780G is also the first 7-series processor to receive the Spectra 570 image signal processor (ISP), which can support three different cameras simultaneously. Besides, the Snapdragon 780G uses a Snapdragon X53 modem to provide 5G connectivity.

Officially, with an integrated Qualcomm Spectra 570 triple ISP and sixth-generation Qualcomm AI engine, the Snapdragon 780G is designed to deliver powerful AI performance and an outstanding imaging experience, enabling users to capture and enhance their favorite moments while sharing them seamlessly. The platform includes some of the top features supported for the first time in the Snapdragon 7 Series implementation, making the next-generation mobile experience more at your fingertips.

“Since we introduced the Snapdragon 7 Series mobile platform three years ago, more than 350 devices have been released with the Snapdragon 7 Series mobile platform,” said Kedar Kondap, vice president of product management at Qualcomm Technologies. “The launch of the new Snapdragon 780G 5G mobile platform will continue this strong momentum. The Snapdragon 780G is designed to bring the most popular and top-of-the-line mobile experience to more users around the world.”

With the new Qualcomm Spectra 570, the Snapdragon 780G is the first Snapdragon 7 Series platform to support triple ISP, enabling concurrent shooting with three cameras, meaning the zoom, wide-angle and ultra-wide angle lenses can take three different photos at the same time. The platform features a new low-light architecture that delivers professional-quality images in any lighting condition. Users can also capture professional-quality photos in over a billion colors with HDR10+ video capture. The new 4K HDR video capture empowered by computational HDR achieves significant improvements in color, contrast, and picture detail, resulting in beautiful photos.

The Snapdragon 780G is powered by the sixth-generation Qualcomm AI engine including the Qualcomm Hexagon 770 processor, which enables up to 12 trillion operations per second (12 TOPS) and two times the AI performance of the previous generation platform. Almost all connectivity, video calls, and voice calls are now powered by AI, enabling use cases such as AI-based noise suppression and better AI-based voice assistant interactions. The platform is further enhanced by a dedicated low-power AI processor integrated into the second-generation Qualcomm Sensor Hub that can support audio processing.

The overall optimized Snapdragon 780G supports some of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming features. Snapdragon Elite Gaming makes it easy for handheld gamers around the world to play all the headline 3A games, thanks to several features that are available for the first time on mobile, including GPU driver updates, ultra-smooth gaming experience, and True 10-bit HDR gaming. These select features supported by the Snapdragon 780G will also drive OEMs to develop devices that support next-generation gaming experiences and enable more consumers to enjoy next-generation gaming.

The Snapdragon 780G also features an optimized Snapdragon X53 5G modem and RF system with peak download speeds of 3.3Gbps in the Sub-6GHz band. The platform brings the top Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth audio features supported by the Snapdragon 888 to the Snapdragon 7 Series for the first time, including the recently introduced Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 780G full specifications

With Qualcomm FastConnect 6900 Mobile Connectivity System, the Snapdragon 780G is capable of supporting unprecedented gigabit-class Wi-Fi 6 speeds (up to 3.6Gbps), VR-class low latency, and robust capacity. Not only that, but along with the positive global progress in the 6GHz spectrum, the Snapdragon 780G’s support for Wi-Fi 6E further extends the combination of these advanced features to the powerful 6GHz band. Besides, the Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound technology suite provides certification of Qualcomm Technologies’ advanced audio features and system-level optimizations for a new end-to-end listening experience.

The Xiaomi 11 Youth Edition will be powered by the Snapdragon 780G processor and will have the same overall design as the Xiaomi 11, with a perforated display at the top left corner on the front. In the back of the body, the machine also uses a square rear camera module similar to the Xiaomi 11, but there are differences in the details. Besides, the back of the machine also uses a curved design on both sides.

The Xiaomi 11 Youth Edition has been certified as a full-screen 6.55-inch device with a hole in the upper left corner, a battery capacity of 4150mAh, and a thickness of only 6.81mm claiming to be the thinnest 5G phone at 160.53 mm × 75.72 mm × 6.81 mm, which is very thin and light.

Mi 11 Lite Official Rendering and Size

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