Mi Smart Band 6 Features Larger Full-screen Display

Mi Smart Band 6 Features Larger Full-screen Display

Mi Smart Band 6

Xiaomi will hold a new spring conference on Monday (March 29), Xiaomi 11 Ultra, Xiaomi 11 Pro, Xiaomi 11 Lite, Xiaomi Mix will be officially unveiled, which is also Xiaomi’s current top high-end flagship products and thinnest phone.

But the main character of this conference is not only the phone but also will bring a variety of high-end products. The official Xiaomi cell phone text for the launch of warm-up, from the poster, can be seen, in addition to cell phones Xiaomi this time will also launch Mi Smart Band 6, Xiaomi Notebook, air conditioning, sweeping robot, washing machine, charger, router, and other seven categories of products.

At present, the official has been officially previewed Xiaomi 11 Ultra, Xiaomi 11 Pro, Xiaomi MIX three high-end cell phones, as well as the new Xiaomi Notebook Pro, representing the highest end of Xiaomi notebook products, and innovative air conditioning with a screen.

In addition to the top products, Xiaomi will also bring a new generation of self-research “Surge” chip, which is the second time after four years Xiaomi launched self-research chip products, for Xiaomi and even the entire Chinese technology sector are of milestone significance. Xiaomi is not launching a complete cell phone SoC, but an ISP chip to enhance the imaging system, which is very important for the Xiaomi 11 Ultra photo performance, the official said it will lead Xiaomi to achieve a breakthrough in imaging, known as Xiaomi 10 years of imaging “inflection point of the battle”, it is very much anticipated.

In addition to Xiaomi 11 Pro, Xiaomi 11 Ultra two oversized cup, the new generation of MIX folding screen flagship, the new surging chip, today the official release of the fierce news – Mi Smart Band 6 will be unveiled on the same stage.

Xiaomi officials said: “This time, break through the limits of the screen; this time, a new interpretation of the classic design; this time, give you a different kind of healthy new life. In the season of life, Mi Smart Band 6 has arrived as expected!” From the text of “See you on the big screen of the new ring”, it seems that the screen will be the key upgrade of Mi Smart Band 6.

According to the official poster released, Mi Smart Band 6 uses a kind of curved display, in line with the edge of the front panel, the screen ratio further improved. Subsequently, it is speculated that the Mi Smart Band 6 will be similar to the full-screen design of cell phones, the elimination of the previous two generations of buttons below the screen design, the screen covers the entire front panel, the overall visual effect will be significantly improved, and can bring more display content, further enhance the practicality. As for the overall appearance, Mi Smart Band 6 is the same as the previous 5 generations, the same removable dial design, with silicone material strap, the body volume is also not much change.

Mi Smart Band 5 vs 6

In terms of functionality, it was previously reported that Mi Smart Band 6 will be the first time to join the blood oxygen detection function, which can detect the body’s blood oxygen saturation in real-time, to facilitate users to keep track of their physical condition, but also to achieve a more comprehensive analysis of sports data.

Also, the Mi Smart Band 6 will add a large number of sports mode detection, such as dance, Zumba, cricket, basketball and boxing, and other indoor sports, the total category reached 30 kinds, but also added more than 300 third-party APP message notification function, the practicality of another upgrade.

It has been nearly 7 years since the first generation of Xiaomi bracelet came out. Since 2014, Xiaomi bracelet sales have exceeded 120 million units, making smart wearable devices gradually become a popular demand product from a niche geeky cool device. Wearable devices are now popular, Xiaomi bracelet plays an important role in it.

When Xiaomi made a generation of bracelets, it set the goal of creating a “national bracelet”, and each generation of Xiaomi bracelets brings us closer and closer to the initial goal. Xiaomi bracelet 1 generation, we use less than 1/10 of the industry pricing, the first time to close the distance between the smart bracelet and the public; in the Mi Smart Band 2 increased the OLED display, bringing a new way of interaction; Mi Smart Band 3 increased the multi-function NFC, giving the bracelet more attributes; Mi Smart Band 4 equipped with Xiaoyi students, the bracelet successfully becomes a part of the AloT strategy; Mi Smart Band 5 Further improve the health and sports functions so that the bracelet becomes a personal trainer on the wrist of each user.

Next Monday, the new Mi Smart Band 6 that everyone is waiting for will be released. The number 6 is amazing for Xiaomi, some rice fans’ image of Xiaomi phone 6 users is Xiaomi “nail households”, if I have to give Mi Smart Band 6 a nickname, I think it is more like a smart bracelet. If you want me to give Xiaomi Band 6 a nickname, I think it’s more like a “graduation model” of a smart bracelet. You can pay attention to the launch, to prove that the Mi Smart Band 6 classic degree can be worthy of the “graduation bracelet” nickname.

Zeng Xuezhong-Xiaomi, Xiaomi Group Vice President, Mobile Division President.

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