Xiaomi 11 Ultra Cooling Technology: the World’s First Full Phase Change Cooling Technology: Solid, Liquid, Gas

Xiaomi 11 Ultra Cooling Technology: Full Phase Change Cooling Technology: Solid, Liquid, Gas

A few days ago, Xiaomi has officially announced that it will launch the Xiaomi 11 Ultra series at the Spring New Product Launch on March 29, containing two flagships, Xiaomi 11 Pro and Xiaomi 11 Ultra, and an Emperor Edition Mi MIX with breakthrough Liquid Lens. Once again, a world premiere! Xiaomi 11 Ultra announced Xiaomi 11 Ultra Cooling Technology to carry the “full phase change cooling technology.”

Among them, Xiaomi 11 Ultra will be a high-end flagship product supported by Xiaomi’s top technology, which will be equipped with several innovative technologies. This afternoon, Xiaomi cell phone official microblogging again issued an article for Xiaomi 11 Ultra warm-up and announced that the machine will be the world’s first full phase change heat dissipation technology, heat dissipation can show a solid-liquid-gas three-state change.

Xiaomi 11 Ultra Cooling Technology

The official said that there are no shortcuts on the road to heat dissipation, only the next fierce pile of new material, and this Xiaomi 11 Ultra equipped with phase change heat dissipation technology can be in the solid, liquid, gas three state reciprocal cycle of change, the core heat can be quickly exported, to ensure continuous performance output.

Xiaomi 11 Ultra the world’s first full phase change cooling technology Official Introduction:

Cooling road no shortcuts to speak of, only under the fierce material, the heap of new material! So, this time Xiaomi 11 Ultra in the cooling material Zu Nariki (ズ惜成木), package new should knife across thermal power. In the game or words negative or application, the road over the solid-liquid-gas three state change, to achieve a rapid heat ratio open Liu export, the first phase change: solid to liquid, like ice into water.

Xiaomi 11 Ultra Cooling Technology

Xiaomi 11 Ultra on the current time using a new phase-changeable organic warp material, when the core of the motherboard in the process of temperature, the log is a push of the thermal conductivity of the type of movement into a liquid state, greatly enhancing the affinity of the table business, like a von ice water attached to the sample on top of the premises. The organic phase change material is made of high-grade thermal ceramic micro-particle material, compared to the traditional thermal conductive glue, the thermal conductivity is 100%!

The second phase change, the liquid state into the gas state, as water vapor for water vapor. Three new phase change materials fit the empty VC heat plate, the liquid in the VC heat absorption and vaporization, the local heat three diffusions to the cold end of the heat plate, the heat will be even and fast transportation guide, a heat dissipation, “solid, liquid, gas” three-state change! Let the performance explode instantly, while stable and continuous output!

So far, Xiaomi 11 Ultra has been officially announced three of the world’s first top technology, which also includes a super-fast charging silicon-oxygen negative battery and a Samsung GN2 image sensor.

The super fast-charging silicon-oxygen negative battery can bring 10 times the theoretical gram capacity of graphite, through the nano-silicon to make up the lithium treatment, overcome the previous generation of silicon carbon-negative battery first charge efficiency is low, and the battery cycle life is short two industry problems.

The Samsung GN2 is also the world’s top image sensor, with 1/1.12 inches of large bottom, is currently the largest bottom image sensor. According to the previous netizen exposure of the actual picture shows that the size of the Samsung GN2 compared to Sony IMX689 nearly twice as large, which will bring more excellent light capture ability, in terms of color, noise and other aspects have more excellent performance, but also can bring night vision like night shooting ability.

Samsung ISOCELL GN2 and Sony IMX689 Comparison of Size (Bigger one is GN2)

Comprehensive known information so far, Xiaomi 11 Ultra, in addition to top performance added, also brings top battery technology, charging technology, camera technology, and heat dissipation technology, in all aspects will provide a top-notch experience, is the perfect display of Xiaomi’s top technical strength, worth looking forward to.


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