Xiaomi Surging Chip Will Debut On Spring Launch: Could be Dedicated ISP

Xiaomi Surging Chip

Xiaomi Surging Chip

As early as 2017, Xiaomi had released a Xiaomi Surging Chip S1, a sensation. But time has passed four years, surging no more updates, but Lei Jun confirmed in Weibo, surging chip did not give up, is still going on. On the morning of March 26, Xiaomi’s official cell phone microblog announced that it will bring a new Surging chip to Xiaomi’s spring new product launch, running with Xiaomi’s living technology dream.

It should be noted that this time it may not be the S2, officially a small self-research chip, whether it is applied to the phone is temporarily unknown. According to netizen speculation, this surging chip may be applied to Xiaomi IoT devices, or among the self-developed ISP of Xiaomi phones, specifically to be officially revealed.

Xiaomi Surging Chip

It is important to note that there is news that the “Surging” chip may only be an ISP chip, and not the Snapdragon 888, Kirin 9000, and other integrated SoC that we traditionally think of. The Snapdragon 888 chip is not a simple CPU chip, but a System-On-Chip (SoC), which includes CPU, GPU, ISP, DSP, baseband, and other different parts, corresponding to the processing of computing, image, communication, and other tasks.

The Xiaomi ISP chip is a separate chip for processing camera data, which can process the color, light, and other information collected by the phone’s lens and eventually present a perfect picture, an essential part of cell phone photography. It is worth mentioning that the ISP chip is very important to the phone’s ability to shoot, with an excellent ISP chip plus an excellent camera module to bring excellent imaging results.

According to the current information about the Xiaomi 11 Super Cup, the series will bring a breakthrough in the imaging system with liquid lens and ISOCELL GN2, will carry the industry’s top image sensor, with top image acquisition capabilities, and the self-research ISP chip will also enable the machine to bring better image processing capabilities, ultimately presenting excellent shooting results, worth looking forward to.

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Responded Lv Qianhao, a ZTE Executive.

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