Black Shark 4 Series Review: Ultimate Gaming Experience

Black Shark 4 Series Review

Black Shark 4 Series Review

Black Shark 4 Series Review

Preface and Picture Appreciation

In the past, I think the Gaming Phone belongs to the tasteless products, positioning vague, high than the flagship, low than the cost-effective models, but also no exclusive games.

Until the hand game lifeline elongated, such as the “glory of the king”, “peace elite” and other phenomenal game, changed the previous hand game up to fire a year of the law, at this time I came to my senses, the Gaming Phone can indeed be treated as an independent category, is short-sighted.

There are not many domestic manufacturers doing game phones, and I can count them on one hand, and the Black Shark Gaming Phone that grew up on the back of Xiaomi is one of them.

A simple comparison can see that the Black Shark 3S has more game-related design, such as adsorption charging interface, side shoulder keys, etc., as well as the internal heat dissipation structure, beyond the majority of the current flagship models, which is also the most important moat of the game phone.

Recently, the Black Shark Gaming Phone once again ushered in a new generation, the release of the Black Shark 4 Series, including the standard version and Pro two models, like a large version of the update, compared to the previous generation, both shape, and configuration, have considerable changes, specifically, we will talk in detail.

ModelBlack Shark 4Black Shark 4 Pro
Display6.67-inch Samsung E4 AMOELD high refresh, resolution 2400×1080, 1300nit peak brightness, contrast ratio 5000000:1, JNCD = 0.36, delta E-0.35, supports 60/90/120/144HZ refresh rate6.67-inch Samsung E4 AMOELD high refresh, resolution 2400×1080, 1300nit peak brightness, contrast ratio 5000000:1, JNCD = 0.36, delta E-0.35, supports 60/90/120/144HZ refresh rate
BuildAG glass: illusion black/mohai black/storm blue/lingguang gray building dance powderGlossy glass: Suikong Black/Mohai Black/Technical Mirror Grey/Zhan Yuqing
Size9.9mm, 220g9.9mm, 220g
SoCThe highest frequency of Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 is 3.2GHZQualcomm Xiaolong 888’s highest main whisker 2.84GHz
MemoryLPDDR5 5500Mbps + UFS 3.1LPDDR5 6400Mbps + UFS3.1 + SSD disk array technology
Camera48MP main camera, 8MP super wide-angle + 5MP macro,
front 20MP single camera
64 million main camera 8 million ultra wide-angle + 5 million macro
front 20MP single camera
Battery &
4500mAh, 120W wired fast charge4500mAh, 120W wired fast charge
OSJOYUI 12.5 based on Android 11JOYUI 12.5 based on Android 11
Price6+128GB 2499 yuan
8+128GB 2699 yuan
12+128GB 2999 yuan
12+256GB 3299 yuan
8+256GB 3999 yuan
12+256GB 4499 yuan 16+512GB 5299 yuan
Black Shark 4 vs Black Shark 4 Pro Specifications Comparison

The back cover of the Black Shark 4 is made of AG glass, providing five colors of phantom black / ink sea black/storm blue / lingering gray/cherry dance pink, and the Black Shark 4 Pro is made of glossy glass, providing four colors of Suikong black / ink sea black / prismatic gray / war feather green, and the colors in my hands are lingering gray and ink sea black.

The phone packaging, the size and weight is exactly the same
The front of the phone (Black Shark 4 Pro on the left, Black Shark 4 on the right)
Phone front
Phone front
Phone front

The Black Shark 4 series is centered on the straight screen form, in fact, as a game phone, a non-shaped screen is the mainstream, to give players a complete display, but the aperture of this screen is only 2.76mm, is currently the smallest digging hole screen solution, the actual look is also acceptable, and without the front camera on the narrower bezel, Black Shark 4 screen to body ratio has a more obvious improvement.

The high screen-to-body ratio will inevitably bring mis-touch, according to the official introduction, they have upgraded the screen of the Black Shark 4 series of anti-mis-touch optimization, and support the game scene anti-mis-touch area customization function, reduce the game when the mis-touch, which we talk about in detail in the game experience.

Phone front
Phone front

In terms of parameters, the Black Shark 4 series adopts a 6.67-inch straight screen design, with the latest E4 light-emitting material Samsung AMOLED screen, supporting 144Hz high refresh rate and 60/90/120Hz three custom refresh rate, touch sampling rate is 720Hz, multi-finger touch delay 8.3ms.

Besides, this screen has 100% DCI-3 color gamut, peak brightness 1300nit, piece-by-piece screen calibration, JNCD ≈ 0.36, delta E ≈ 0.35, and passed the SGS eye protection certification and HDR10+, and a continuation of the previous generation of dual-zone screen pressure, support pressure-sensitive 7 strength adjustment, but only the Pro version is equipped with this feature.

Phone back
Phone back
Phone back
Rear lens details
Rear lens details
The right side of the fuselage is a physical lift button and side fingerprint recognition
Volume button, microphone, SIM card slot on the left side of the fuselage
The bottom of the fuselage is a microphone, 3.5mm headphone jack, speakers, and the top is a speaker, microphone
The whole series comes with a charger that supports 120W power

Well, focus on the industrial design changes the newest lift entity mechanical shoulder keys, before the Black Shark 3 Pro use automatically lifts entity shoulder keys, similar to lift the camera, and this time is manually opened, the use of magnetic power lift program, thanks to the contactless magnetic drive, so lift life increased by 10 times, the important thing is that this toggle feel and rebound, very very decompression, the static picture is not good to show Click on the video below to take a look.

Black Shark 4 Series Shoulder Key Demo
Black Shark 4 protective shell
Brand new heat dissipation back clip, note that it supports the temperature display function
Black Shark 3.5mm In-Ear Gaming Headset (Circle Iron Version)
Black Shark 3.5mm In-Ear Gaming Headset (Circle Iron Version)


Since it is a game phone, then the core configuration is naturally all pulled full, and there must be a unique performance innovation ability, such as the built-in small fan of friendly competitors in exchange for continuous high-frequency operation, to obtain better performance.

To look at the Black Shark 4 series, the two carry different processors, of which the standard version carries Snapdragon 870, equipped with LPDDR5 5500Mbps + UFS 3.1, the Black Shark 4 Pro is equipped with the flagship SoC Snapdragon 888, equipped with a full-blooded version of LPDDR5 memory, the main frequency reached 6400MHz, the most important thing is that the Black Shark 4 Pro also has a disk array storage system + RAMDISK disk gas pedal.

For the disk array storage system, the cell phone industry is relatively unfamiliar, this is the first time the Black Shark introduced into the cell phone, Sony PS5 game machine is use of SSD storage system, the game loading speed further improved.

After checking, the Black Shark 4 Pro has two internal disks, SSD disk, and UFS 3.1 disk, and through the raid disk array combined together, parallel storage read and write operations, making the storage read performance qualitatively improved, yes qualitatively improved, the addition of this combination is unprecedented in the cell phone industry, really opened the gap between the game phone and flagship phones.

With the system level to help, Black Shark 4 Pro equipped with RAMDISK disk gas pedal technology (only 12G or more RAM version models support), specifically through the memory to simulate a hard disk space, so that the game or APP directly in the memory to run, which eliminates the need for the hard disk to read and write data again. This eliminates the need for the hard drive to read and write data, thus improving the speed of APP startup, loading, and running.

AnTuTu score

The Black Shark 4 in my hands is 12+128GB version, and the Black Shark 4 Pro is 12+256GB version.

Black Shark 4 Pro and Black Shark 4 AnTuTu Benchmark

After the actual test, the Black Shark 4’s AnTuTuTu V9 run score of 745898, note that it is AnTuTuTu V9 version, increased test items, so the score is higher than the V8 version, this belongs to the normal Snapdragon 870 score, of which the UX score for it to improve a lot, and 144Hz high brush OLED screen can not be separated from the relationship.

The Black Shark 4 Pro’s AnTuTu Benchmark score is even higher, reaching 850617, where the CPU score is relatively normal, the GPU score is beyond some Snapdragon 888 models, the reason is that the machine has enough heat dissipation, making the GPU maintain high frequency for a longer time, while the MEM score is up to 161884, significantly ahead of ordinary LPDDR5 memory, mainly the full-blooded version The LPDDR5 memory boosts the performance, with the main frequency reaching 3200MHz, and the built-in RAMDISK disk gas pedal of the Black Shark 4 Pro should also be partially credited.

Storage test

Storage test

The two models have a considerable performance gap, we first look at the Black Shark 4, the score of 57226, which belongs to the ordinary UFS 3.1 flash performance, while the Black Shark 4 Pro is running close to 80,000, which is the highest storage test results I have seen since I tested the phone, the sequential read rate reached 2523.8MB/s, sequential write rate reached 1137.5MB/s, just ask this rate who else? It’s a good guy.

This is thanks to the two disks inside the Black Shark 4 Pro, SSD disk + UFS 3.1 disk, both of which carry out storage read and write operations at the same time. The ability of the SSD disk is evident, which also allows users to save most of the time when installing large games or APPs while improving APP startup speed and reading speed.

Gaming features and experience

To keep the SoC running at high frequencies for a long time, it is necessary to keep it at the right temperature. If it is continuously high, the SoC will naturally choose to automatically downscale, so heat dissipation is the focus of the long-standing upgrade of gaming phones, and it is also the configuration that gaming phone users care most about, in addition to performance.

The Black Shark 4 continues the previous generation of sandwich liquid cooling system solution, based on this upgrade, such as the front of the motherboard with a large area of 3400mm² high cavity liquid cooling plate direct contact heat dissipation, with a 3D three-dimensional capillary structure of the strip power pump through the heat sink, accelerating the liquid flow inside the liquid cooling, so that it quickly dissipates heat, and the back of the motherboard with a 500mm² liquid cooling tube, forming a three-dimensional heat sink. Liquid-cooled heat pipes, forming a three-dimensional heat dissipation.

The 5G chip, processor unit, and charging chipset are the highest heating components inside the phone, so Black Shark’s approach is to isolate their layout, with each heat source dissipating independently, and each having a large area of direct-contact copper blocks for rapid heat conduction to the liquid-cooled heat sink on the motherboard, with a new NTC temperature sensor to detect the hand-holding area and adjust it according to the system temperature control strategy, thus forming a ” Sandwich” liquid cooling system 2.0.

Extreme speed mode

Speed ​​mode

The performance part of the disk array storage system + RAMDISK disk gas pedal, need to be opened in the game mode after testing feels to open the game faster, install large games is also the same, but found a bug, that is, can not be opened when the game update, will automatically delete the cache and downloaded resources, However, we found a bug that can not be opened when the game is updated, will automatically delete the cache and downloaded resources, you need to close the speed mode after opening the game, and then open the speed mode again to restore normal, I hope the follow-up repair.

Game mode

Newly designed game Dock

The Black Shark 4 series has a new built-in gaming space and a redesigned gaming Dock, with gaming information in the center for intuitive viewing and additional features designed for gaming, such as game configuration, notification shield, phone rejection, and anti-touch, next to it.

Game configuration

In the game configuration, users can adjust a variety of settings such as performance, display, touch, audio, etc. The display settings are to change the color of the game screen, image enhancement, etc.

Lifting shoulder button
Screen pressure

I think that the lift shoulder key and screen pressure sense (7-speed strength adjustment, only Pro equipped) is very good, white players can also achieve multi-finger operation, especially in the gun battle game, the use of screen pressure sense, often the first to shoot, as for the other two is the voice control and physical control, slightly chicken when playing the game does not like to talk and substantial action.

Also, the black shark 4 series to cancel the game key is relatively unfortunate, the previous generation off the screen directly toggle the game key to enter the game mode, for heavy gamers is very convenient, the black shark 4 series due to the internal structure and lift key design, only to change the software to open, long press 1s to close the game mode.

Well, let’s see how it’s the gaming experience.

A week of gaming experience

I need to say that I got the black shark 4 series earlier, so I took the Pro version as the main machine for the period, during the sprint king, won the ace with the black shark 4 Pro, so I have a full understanding of the machine’s heat dissipation, performance, not to try to play to write the experience.

Also, the frame rate of the game process is presented using the chart built into Tencent’s hand game gas pedal, as well as the real-time frame rate display that comes with the game mode.

The King of Glory
Turn on the full high image quality (90fps) supported by Black Shark 4 Pro

Take “glory of the king” such as the MOBA hand game, the opening is only a map, only need to load the character effects, the performance requirements are not particularly high, the black shark 4 Pro is naturally holding steady, the experience process did not find frame drops or lag, each game load is also the first to complete 100%, basically the whole process is 90Hz high frame rate.

Game average fps
Game average fps

Black Shark 4 Pro plays this kind of MOBA game, two words, stable.

Peace Elite
Turn on the full high image quality (60fps) supported by Black Shark 4 Pro

It is rather strange that the entire Black Shark 4 series does not support the 90Hz high frame rate mode of “Peaceful Elite”, but the previous generation of Black Shark 3 Pro supports it, so it should not be adopted yet, so only the 60Hz mode is used here.

Game average fps

Compared to “King’s Glory”, the game “Peace Elite” is a test of the phone’s sustained performance, a map containing hundreds of players, real-time updates of player status, so the SoC needs to run at high frequencies, after the actual test, from the frame rate monitoring can be seen, the Black Shark 4 Pro almost the entire time to maintain a high frame rate, there is no screen tearing situation.

Call of Duty
Turn on the full high image quality (60fps) supported by Black Shark 4 Pro
Game fps

During the game, the frame rate is around 50-60fps, which is larger than the floating of “King of Glory”. The reason is that the overall pace of this game is very fast, and after opening the full high quality, the phone needs to keep high performance to calculate, the performance of Black Shark 4 Pro is still acceptable, but this kind of gun battle game, I hope to launch and adopt the high frame rate mode as soon as possible.

QQ Speed
Turn on the full high picture quality (120fps) supported by Black Shark 4 Pro

The Black Shark 4 Pro supports the 120Hz high frame rate mode of QQ Speed, after opening the overall picture is silky smooth, the gap is just like the high frame rate opened in the Glory of Kings, specifically you can open the Glory of Kings to feel it.

Game average fps

After running a handful of games, the frame rate is always stable at 120fps, for this kind of game, Black Shark 4 Pro is more than enough.

The Sky’s the Limit
Turn on the full high picture quality (30fps) supported by Black Shark 4 Pro

Sky Dagger does not currently support high frame rate mode, so what the Black Shark 4 Pro supports can only go up to 30fps, rendering accuracy is adjusted to the highest, and some scenes are not yet open so they are not turned on.

Game fps

After the actual game experience, during the period of non-stop running, painting, doing tasks, and sweeping the multiplayer screen, the frame rate is always maintained at about 30fps.

Original God
Turn on the full high image quality (60fps) supported by Black Shark 4 Pro

Mihayou’s new game “Original God” is very popular recently, rare is the multi-platform data interoperability, too small for the phone screen, open the computer to continue to brush the task, open the custom image, open the the the full high effects, frame rate up to 60fps.

Game fps

After two or three hours of gaming, including sword mound fights + running maps, the Black Shark 4 Pro can always maintain around 60fps, the overall float is not large, there is no lag phenomenon, fight to switch characters can also remain smooth, but the body heat significantly higher than other games.

The overall view is that the Black Shark 4 Pro can run all the mainstream games on the market smoothly, and full high effects are not a problem, the game flagship is completely stable, note that the mainstream ah, some niche eat performance games will not be tested.

Charging and Battery Life

The two models are equipped with different processors, so they are divided into two data to show that the battery capacity is 4500mAh. the previous battery life test is not very rigorous, the game and video half an hour have not been able to determine the final battery life of the phone, so I use the AnTuTu stress test function, to superpower consumption test.

The stress test is a function built into the AnTuTu review, by carrying out about 15 minutes of high-load computing to test the stability of device performance, requiring the CPU to carry out a large number of calculations, so the power consumption is greater compared to video, daily use, and other scenarios.

Test conditions: No SIM card inserted, device connected to Wi-Fi, positioning turned on, fully charged, screen brightness turned to the highest, 120Hz refresh rate turned on, and all background services turned off.

Open AnTuTu stress test, uninterrupted test, record the remaining power of the device every 30 minutes.

In the superpower consumption test, the Black Shark 4 with Snapdragon 870 lasted 140 minutes, and the Black Shark 4 Pro with Snapdragon 888 lasted 120 minutes, this result is based on the CPU has been in full load, taking into account our daily use and bright screen time, so this data should be converted into multiples, so The result is that the Black Shark 4 series can have more than 5 hours of continuous use, note that it is continuous use, not daily screen off, back to the message, etc.

Nevertheless, the battery life of the Black Shark 4 series seems unsatisfactory, which boils down to the question of how to make trade-offs, whether to stuff a high-capacity battery or to have 120W wired fast charging and SSD disks? The Black Shark chose the latter.

It’s easy to find from the endurance test that the 7nm Snapdragon 870, despite its 3.2GHz main frequency, consumes a little less power than the 5nm Snapdragon 888 instead, and doesn’t generate much heat.

Then we look at the charging, which is one of the main highlights of the Black Shark 4 series, the entire system comes standard with a 120W high-power wired fast charging, how fast, to the actual test, because it is a hundred-watt fast charging, the speed record changed to 3 minutes once.

After the actual test, the black shark 4 Pro took 21 minutes from 5% to 100% power, of which less than 10 minutes to charge 52% power, the time to wash in the morning can be fully charged, really change the user’s habits, this is the charm of the 100-watt fast charging. (Black Shark 4 battery and charging power are the same, the difference in charging speed between the two is only two or three minutes, no longer counted.)

In last year’s Xiaomi 10 Ultra review, I believe that 100-watt fast charging is one of the few revolutionary leaps in the last two years, completely changing the way users use the phone, but unfortunately, it is not yet widespread, it is a bit regrettable, I hope the second half of the 100-watt fast charging models and then some.


In the field of game phones, the camera is far less important than performance and heat dissipation, and even the battery life exceeds the status of the camera, after all, most game phones are used to play games, photography can sweep a code to finish, which is also a rare “consensus” of game phones, that is, the image is enough to become.

The Black Shark 4 Pro has a 64-megapixel main camera + 8-megapixel super-wide-angle + 5-megapixel macro camera on the rear, the standard version of the main camera is replaced with a 48-megapixel main camera, the rest of the lenses remain unchanged, supporting Super Night View 2.0, HDR10 + video shooting (Pro only).


As a big version of the upgrade, the Black Shark 4 series is not only shape changes, “internal” cultivation is also more complete, such as Snapdragon 888, SSD + UFS 3.1 dual disk, etc., take performance, flagship phones have it all, no, it also has.

When the Black Shark 4 series was warming up, the official said, “The end of the flagship is the starting point of the Black Shark.” I didn’t believe it at first, but from the game level, this sentence is not wrong, master, I realized. After many days of experience, the Black Shark 4 series has changed my prejudice against gaming phones and can be considered as a brand new category.

Black Shark 4 Series Review Summary

On the contrary, the black shark 4 series made me start to look forward to the game phone will have what innovation, as well as mobile entertainment exploration, like this time, impressed me not shape and performance, but for the game made innovation, such as lifting the physical-mechanical shoulder keys, screen pressure sensing, a series of software features.

Especially the lift entity mechanical shoulder key, restoring the manual mechanical sense, like a great sense of ritual brought by playing Little Fighter plug and play game cards, every time I toggle the shoulder key, as if I go back to the twilight of the early childhood after school, run home, finish homework, open the TV, connect the Little Fighter, sit upright with the handle waiting to start the game, this sense of anticipation, the Black Shark 4 series has.

This review was originally published on AnTuTu Benchmark by Author tangzheng.

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