Xiaomi MIX Fold Packs 16GB+512GB as Emperor Edition

Xiaomi MIX Fold Packs 16GB+512GB as Emperor Edition

Xiaomi MIX Fold

Xiaomi has previously announced that it will hold a new spring conference on the evening of March 29, and will launch the so-called “Android King” Xiaomi 11 Pro, Xiaomi 11 Ultra. But these are not the most heavyweight products of the conference, according to the latest news from bloggers, the long silent Xiaomi MIX series will return, and a new look with a folding screen can be called Foldable King.

It is reported that Xiaomi MIX Fold last week has officially passed the network certification, information shows that the machine will be equipped with model MDY-12-ES charger, support 11V 6.1A up to 67.1W fast charging, and the “Android king” Xiaomi 11 Pro the same.

In terms of core configuration, the leak shows that Xiaomi MIX Fold will also be the same as Xiaomi 11 Pro series, equipped with the industry’s top Snapdragon 888 processor, and equipped with LPDDR5 + UFS 3.1 memory specifications, with top performance.

It is worth mentioning that the internal space of the folding screen phone is more adequate, and its heat dissipation performance will be better than that of ordinary flagships, which is more conducive to the extreme performance output of Snapdragon 888 and is expected to bring more powerful performance than the Xiaomi 11 Pro series.

As Xiaomi’s first foldable-screen phone, MIX Fold screen design which is naturally highly anticipated, sources say the machine will be similar to the overall design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, equipped with a foldable screen that supports internal folding, the internal body using hinges to support and connect.

According to the netizen brought the content of the explosion, which is codenamed J18 version of the new Xiaomi also added a 16GB + 512GB “Emperor Edition”, in addition to the current ASUS ROG game phone this year 18GB memory, 16GB is currently the second-largest storage on the phone.

What’s more, sources say that Xiaomi’s first folding-screen phone may refresh the price bottom line and become the cheapest folding-screen phone, which will also further accelerate the popularity of folding-screen phones, worth looking forward to.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi also announced the latest Xiaomi 11 Pro/11 Ultra camera configuration, the series will debut the world’s largest bottom of the Samsung GN2 sensor, with 1/1.12 inches of large bottom, will bring Xiaomi flagship on an unprecedented night shot effect.

Size Comparison of GN2 and IMX689

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Xiaomi officially revealed that the Samsung GN2 on Xiaomi 11 Pro/11 Ultra is the result of 18 months of joint research and development between the two sides, with a total investment of 200 million, so Xiaomi has also set a small goal: “break through the ceiling of cell phone images”. From the sensor aspect alone, the Xiaomi 11 mega cup photo effect is worth looking forward to, it is likely to ask for the best photo phone crown this year.

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