Source Says Xiaomi 11 Ultra is not a PHONE: Mi Pad 5, Mi Band 6, and Mi 11 Lite Coming Together

Source Says Xiaomi 11 Ultra is not a PHONE: Mi Pad 5, Mi Band 6, and Mi 11 Lite Coming Together

Xiaomi 11 Pro | Xiaomi 11 Ultra

This morning, the official announcement of Xiaomi 11 Pro and 11 Ultra, the masterpiece of Xiaomi, has been rumored for a long time. The two new products released are bound to hit the Android flagship ceiling, judging from the slogan of challenging the “Android emperor” throne. At the same time, Xiaomi officially opened Xiaomi 11 Pro, 11 Ultra reservation, interested Xiaomi fans can pay attention in advance.

Before that, Xiaomi 11 Pro, 11 Ultra two new machines have passed 3C certification, the whole series upgraded the new charger, support up to 67W wireless and wired fast charging. Core specifications, Xiaomi 11 Pro, 11 Ultra will not accidentally choose the current top Snapdragon 888, LPDDR5, UFS 3.1 storage gold iron triangle combination, upgrade focus naturally or to the photography module.

At present, several rumors point to the Xiaomi 11 Pro rear camera overall inheritance of the standard version of the three camera program, the difference is that the telephoto macro lens will be changed to a 48-megapixel periscopic telephoto lens, supporting 5 times the optical zoom, compared to the Xiaomi 11 photo performance to further enhance.

As for Xiaomi 11 Ultra is running to the most powerful flagship in Xiaomi’s history, or upgrade level for dual main camera + periscope lens combination, and up to support 120x zoom shooting. Xiaomi 11 Pro, the emergence of 11 Ultra, will not only have an impact on the current high-end competition in the Android camp but also further change the status of Xiaomi’s high-end flagship.

Additionally, Xiaomi Mobile officially announced Xiaomi 11 Pro warm-up activities, and in the poster announced the Xiaomi 11 Pro packaging box along with Xiaomi 11 Ultra packaging box. It is obvious to see that this so-called “Android King” Xiaomi 11 Pro series box is very thin and light, it seems that still does not come with a charger. However, the standard version of Xiaomi 11, while eliminating the charger, also launched a set version that includes the charger at the same price, which is equivalent to putting the choice of “environmental protection” in the hands of users, this approach is obviously more thoughtful than Apple’s environmental strategy, I wonder if Xiaomi 11 Pro/11 Ultra will take a similar strategy.

According to the previously exposed Xiaomi 11 Pro/11 Ultra network information shows that both models support 67W fast charging power, compared to the previous standard version further, while the news also said that Xiaomi made a GaN charger specifically for it, if free with it will also be a considerable cost expenditure.

According to the Digital Chat Station, this year, the whole Xiaomi product power is very strong, if Xiaomi 11 is the “flagship gatekeeper”, Xiaomi 11 Pro is the “flagship ceiling”, is the standard sense of the flagship emperor, the configuration almost touches the flagship ceiling. Below this warm-up, especially for Ultra, hints at something very interesting to be seen.

Xiaomi 11 Lite

The ultimate thin and light Xiaomi 11 Lite is another protagonist that will appear altogether with Pro and Ultra. The machine as a whole continues the design language of Xiaomi 11, the difference lies in the details, the front side with a straight screen with a hole in the upper left corner, the rear camera triple camera, angel eye design retained.

Besides, the machine is not under-screen fingerprint recognition, but and Redmi K40 the same side fingerprint recognition/power button two-in-one, not recessed design, and volume keys at the same height. Xiaomi 11 Lite, which focuses on a thin and light body, with a thickness of only 6.81mm, probably the world’s thinnest 5G phone, which may be one of the reasons for not using the under-screen fingerprint.

Core configuration, the burst of news that the Xiaomi 11 Lite with 6.55-inch 90Hz high brush straight screen, equipped with Snapdragon 5G and one with 4G SoC, rear 64MP main camera + 8MP ultra-wide angle + 5MP telephoto macro three cameras. Other aspects, the battery capacity of the machine is 4150mAh, support 33W wired fast charging.

Mi Pad 5 – Next Generation Tablet from Xiaomi

Officially, Xiaomi will update the tablet series this year after a long time. According to the latest news brought by Digital Chat Station, this launch before the official determination of the Xiaomi Tablet is likely to debut, and in terms of configuration, the new Mi Pad 5 (Xiaomi Tablet 5), screen from 8 inches to about 11 inches, and iPad size is about the same, the configuration is top.

Now the phone screen is basically a full-screen, so Xiaomi Tablet 5 should also steadily adopt this design, in the case of the flat three sizes remain unchanged as much as possible to expand the size of the screen, while the new system will also appear, to achieve and Xiaomi cell phones, Xiaomi notebook completely through the ecosystem.

The blogger also said that the Mi Pad 5 supports high screen swipe and the new system is being adapted for multi-terminal interoperability. Mi Pad 5 (Xiaomi Tablet 5), which is expected to be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chip, using 10.95-inch 2K resolution 144Hz refresh rate LCD screen produced by Huaxing Optoelectronics / BOE, running MIUI For Pad system, using the side fingerprint solution, with 20MP + 13MP camera, about 8.13mm thick, weighing about 510g.

MI Band 6

Since its introduction, the Xiaomi bracelet is the leading product in smart wearable devices, but also the global smart bracelet market leader, the total number of shipments ranked first in the world, so the product is also widely concerned by consumers around the world. According to the latest news from bloggers, the Xiaomi band series will also be updated and the new generation of MI Band 6 will also officially released on March 29.

MI Band 6 in the appearance of the overall continuation of the previous generation of products, still using the detachable scheme, the screen size is also basically the same, but the news that the new will bring a higher resolution, can bring a better display effect than the previous generation.

The MI Band 6 is the focus of the upgrade, the news said that it will be the first time to join the blood oxygen detection function, real-time detection of human blood oxygen saturation so that users can always grasp their physical condition, while the new GPS positioning function, combined with blood oxygen and sports detection, can bring a more comprehensive analysis of sports data.

Besides, MI Band 6 will also add a large number of sports mode detection, such as dance, Zumba, cricket, basketball and boxing, and other indoor sports, and can even identify some operations in physical games, a total of 19 new sports modes, the total category reached 30, playability greatly improved.

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