Samsung Teases 200-Megapixel Sensor and Six Camera Phone

Samsung Teases 200-Megapixel Sensor

Samsung Teases 200-Megapixel Sensor

To meet the user’s demand for photos, in recent years the camera has become the most vigorous major cell phone manufacturers, so much so that the card camera is completely replaced by the phone, daily photos a cell phone can! And for consumers, the current camera of many flagship machines has been called excess performance, but the progress of technology does not stop because enough, so the phone’s camera is still in the crazy development, especially the hardware.

When it comes to camera hardware, in recent years, in addition to secondary cameras such as super macro and periscopic telephoto lenses, the progress of the main camera is undoubtedly the biggest, not only the bottom of the sensor is getting bigger and bigger, but also the pixels are getting higher and higher. As for the cell phone manufacturers that have made the most progress in the camera, then there is no doubt that Xiaomi, which has not only rushed to the forefront of the world of cell phone photography in just a few years but also debuted a 108 MP main camera.

Super high pixel can take more details and better photos, so it will certainly be the future trend of cell phone camera development, but surprisingly, but some friendly executives think billion-pixel direction wrong, of course, billion-pixel direction wrong has long been hit in the face, because more phones with 108MP cameras have arrived! Now, a 200-megapixel sensor is also coming, Samsung has already started to warm up for a 200MP sensor, which will be released this year.

Samsung Exynos official tweet today said: Dear photography fans, I would like to ask you what you expect from the phone lens? And then attached a set of animation, which appeared 200MP (two billion pixels) cell phone lens and six camera phone layout, and finally highlighted the Exynos chip, do not rule out the possibility that Samsung will launch a rear four-camera + front dual camera phone equipped with the sensor this year.

Samsung Teases 200-Megapixel Sensor

The AI engine not only automatically identifies your subject, but harnesses an image signal processor to tweak image quality settings and create the best photo possible. With support for up to six cameras and 200 Mp resolution, the processor enables cameras to capture a very high standard of detail and additionally facilitates smoother zooming.

said, Samsung

Previously, a well-known tipster revealed that Samsung will launch two hundred million pixels of the top cell phone lens, with a unit pixel area of 0.64um: Samsung ISOCELL S5KGND 200 megapixel sensor. Besides he also revealed Samsung S5KGND specifications in detail. Samsung ISOCELL S5KGND sensor size is 1/1.37”, which is slightly smaller than the current flagship ISOCELL HM3 of Galaxy S21 Ultra. Samsung S5KGND pixel size is 0.64μm, while the size of the effective pixels is 1.28μm when 4-in-1 pixel binning process applied which outputs 50 megapixel’s resolution image. Additionally, it also supports a 16-in-1 pixel binning process providing 12.5 megapixels images, which improves color accuracy and night photography. You can imagine a 200 megapixel’s photography capability.

Samsung is expected to show us something different from the current large bottom of the direction of the product shortly. It is worth mentioning that the largest bottom of the current cell phone lens is also the GN2 of Samsung’s home.

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