Black Shark 4 Pro Audio Performance tops DxOMark’s Chart

Black Shark 4 Pro Official Rendering

Black Shark 4 Pro Audio Performance

Two weeks after the Xiaomi 10S became No. 1 on DXOMARK’s cell phone audio list, today the yet-to-be-released Black Shark 4 Pro Audio performance topped DXO’s audio list with a total score of 81, becoming a new benchmark for audio quality, with only one point higher than the Xiaomi 10S that topped the list on March 8.

Black Shark 4 Pro Audio Specifications:

DXOMARK says the Black Shark 4 Pro is equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, features a symmetrical dual-speaker design, supports DTS, AAC, and Cirrus Logic audio decoding, and retains the 3.5mm headphone jack. The Black Shark 4 Pro is known to have an audio playback score of 83 and an audio recording score of 71, for a total score of 81.

Black Shark 4 Pro Audio Review

DXOMARK introduces that in all usage scenarios, from listening to music to watching movies and playing games, the Black Shark 4 Pro has extremely stable playback, excellent bass, strong strength, unusually wide sound field, precise directionality, realistic distance rendering, and stable volume stepping.

Pros*Best-in-class timbre performance, very pleasant flat tonal balance, and impressive low-end rendering
*Very good spatial performance, great wideness in landscape mode, realistic distance, and great localizability
*Excellent dynamics performance, impressive punch, and almost perfectly preserved attack
*Great volume performance
*Great timbre performance, natural tonal balance, and good extensions
*Great spatial performance, very wide audio scene in landscape mode, and good localizability and distance
*Good, very natural background rendering
Cons*Slight hissing noticed on specific tracks as well as some bass distortion at loud volumes
*Some bass distortions and resonances at maximum volume
*Poor artifacts performance, especially in a high SPL scenario: systematic clipping severely impairs other attributes, and compression issues induce variations in loudness.
*The maximum recording level without distortion is poor compared to other tested devices.
*Middling dynamics performance, as dark tonal balance tends to increase background noise, especially in an urban scenario.
The narrow audio scene in selfie videos
DXOMARK’S Audio Review for BlackShark 4 Pro

Combined with the previous news and official information, the Black Shark 4 Pro will use a 6.67-inch E4 material Samsung AMOLED screen, supporting 144Hz high brush and 720Hz touch sampling rate. The Black Shark 4 is equipped with a 4500mAh battery as standard and supports 120W fast charging, officially revealing that it takes less than 15 minutes to fill the entire machine. BlackShark 4 Pro has a fully symmetrical dual-speaker design at the top and bottom and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Besides, the Black Shark 4 comes standard with dual mechanical elevated physical shoulder keys, compared to phones with virtual touch shoulder keys, the physical keys will bring a better touch for the user and will largely reduce the chance of accidental touch.

The audio performance of the gaming phone is a very important part of the gaming experience, and gaming players have more demanding requirements for sound, and often players complain about unclear footsteps, distorted gunfire, and a misplaced sense of orientation in the game. The Black Shark audio team broke the rules, from audio design layout, device selection, algorithm selection, software tuning, and other aspects of the audio system, a new design, and optimization.

After three rounds, lasting six months of DXO acoustic testing and tuning, won the DXOMARK audio list of the world’s first, March 23, to live up to all your expectations!

Top hardware, new tuning, all-out gaming phone gaming acoustics, only to meet the user’s audio high-quality experience, so that gamers experience the perfect and ultimate game sound.

Director of Product Center Black Shark Technology Co., Ltd.

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