Black Shark 4 Poses in Video Showing 144Hz + 720Hz Multi-finger Touch Sampling

Black Shark 4 Official Rendering

Black Shark 4 Poses in Video

Black Shark 4 series game phone will be released on March 23 at 15:00, the product will be equipped with a 4500mAh battery, support 120W fast charging. The official release today said that the phone will be equipped with a 6.67-inch E4 material Samsung AMOLED screen with the diamond arrangement, centered in a super small single-hole design. The refresh rate of the screen can be as high as 144Hz, with a 720Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate.

According to the well-known blogger Digital Chat Station, the Black Shark 4 series used the same screen as the previous Redmi K40, the panel and parameters are identical, but because the game phone has more space in terms of heat dissipation and battery life, so it has achieved a higher refresh rate and sampling rate. According to previous news, this screen is built with Samsung’s top E4 light-emitting material, which has a higher luminosity compared to the previous material, with a peak screen brightness of up to 1300nits, a global brightness of 900nits, and a contrast ratio of up to 5 million:1, while being more power-efficient and lasting up to 1 hour longer.

BlackShark 4 144Hz + 720Hz

Other aspects, this screen also supports DCI-P3 color gamut, MEMC motion compensation, 8192 levels of brightness adjustment, etc., is a top industry straight screen, Redmi previously claimed that this is the most expensive straight screen in the industry, will bring excellent gaming screen effect for the Black Shark 4 series.

Screen is the strongest hardware perceived by gamers, BlackShark 4 Breakthrough Battle Force. The whole series is equipped with the latest generation of E4 light-emitting material to create the Samsung AMOLED straight screen, compared to the previous generation of E3 light-emitting material, E4 material coalesces the latest technology, bringing higher screen brightness, better contrast, lower power consumption and DC dimming, we also conducted a piece-by-piece screen calibration at the factory stage. Delta E ≈ 0.35, JNCD ≈ 0.36, to ensure color accuracy.

This screen also passed SGS eye protection certification and HDR10+ professional screen quality certification. Have a good screen, in order to open the black anytime, anywhere.

Director of Product Center, Nanchang Black Shark Technology Co., Ltd.

According to previous news, the Black Shark 4 series has a total of two models, the Black Shark 4 and BlackShark 4 Pro, will be equipped with Qualcomm’s latest flagship processor Snapdragon 888 and Snapdragon 870, the Black Shark 4 will also become the first Snapdragon 870 gaming phone.

BlackShark 4 Official Teaser

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