ZTE MyOS 11 Features Highlights along with S30

MyOS 11 Features

ZTE MyOS 11 Features

Yesterday ZTE mobile announced its new personalized cell phone system MyOS 11, in March 30 launch held after the ZTE S30 Series conference, and new into the group night, ZTE models will be pushed one after another the system.

Today, ZTE Mobile once again previewed the system and introduced some of the main highlights of the new system. According to the introduction, MyOS in color, wallpaper, fonts, interaction, and other aspects of a comprehensive change, the official mainly introduced the MyOS stream desktop, stream screen, light application set, rhinoceros small window, and other features, the following is the specific introduction.

MyOS 11 Features

Streaming desktop

The streaming desktop is the biggest change of MyOS, it is a highly playable desktop application. To be more precise, it is like a personalized drawer, we can make a copy of anything in the drawer and place it on the desktop in the way we like so that the applications on the desktop are focused and nice, prominent, and clear.

Streaming screen

MyOS gives you a personalized secretary this time: Streaming Screen. It is based on the timeline and uses AI technology to intelligently push widgets to us in the form of a waterfall on the desktop based on the time, location, frequency of use, and other information we often use.

Spotlight App Collection

MyOS has added a new feature called “Spotlight Apps”. It is completely different from ordinary folders with the same background color and shape, it is highly customizable, so you can create your unique smart desktop.

Rhinoceros Window

MyOS combines the sidebar and windows, so you can use the sidebar to quickly trigger the windows in any scenario, such as during video ads, game resurrection time, or when you’re watching the Jitterbug, you can use the hover windows to operate other APPs.

ZTE S30 Features Highlight

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