Realme GT Neo 5G Technology That Will Remain Latest for 3 Years

Realme GT Neo 5G

Realme GT Neo 5G

Realme announced in an official post that it will hold a press conference at 2:30 pm (CN) on March 31 to officially launch – Realme GT Neo 5G. From a recent official preview, the Realme GT Neo is equipped with a Dimensity 1200 processor with an integrated 5G baseband, which is advantageous in terms of power consumption, so this phone should be well balanced in terms of power consumption and performance.

Xu Qi, vice president of Realme, said that Realme GT Neo 5G is the heavyweight product of realme’s dual-platform flagship strategy in 2021, equipped with a 6nm process MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chip, with powerful flagship-level performance. At the same time, the official also claimed that Realme GT Neo has a third-generation 5G cell phone all-around improved 5G terminal experience.

To explain in detail, Realme official article specifically issued a detailed explanation of the 5G performance of the Dimensity 1200 flagship chip, and said that the chip provides a 5G experience three years will not be out of date and highlights below features:

In January this year, MediaTek officially released the Dimensity 1200 chip, using TSMC 6nm process, 1 Cortex-A78 large core 3.0GHz, 3 Cortex-A78 2.6GHz, 4 Cortex-A55 2.0GHz cores, performance increased by 22%, energy efficiency increased by 25%. The GPU size does not change much and the performance is improved by up to 13%.


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