OnePlus Watch Official Rendering Unveiled Using 2.5D Curved Round Dial

OnePlus Watch Official Rendering

OnePlus company’s first smartwatch, the OnePlus Watch, will be released on March 23 along with the OnePlus 9 Series, and according to the OnePlus Watch official rendering, it will have a round dial.

Earlier, Pete Lau, founder, and CEO of OnePlus confirmed that the OnePlus Watch will be equipped with a customized system based on RTOS, which offers smoother performance as well as higher battery life. It is reported that RTOS is short for the real-time operating system, which has three main features: high-precision timing system, multi-level interruption mechanism, and real-time scheduling mechanism, and can ensure the priority execution of triggered tasks and was previously used in automation, aerospace, and military industries.

With the launch approaching, this evening, OnePlus CEO Pete officially announced the appearance of the OnePlus Watch. From the appearance, the watch has a 2.5D curved round dial and the strap may be made of silicone. There are two physical buttons on the right side of the watch, one of which has the “ONEPLUS” logo printed on it. In terms of workmanship, Pete Lau previously said that the whole series of OnePlus watches will be hand-polished, and a special material has been selected for the first time in the field of smartwatches.

For the functional configuration, the previous report points out that it has a 46mm dial, 4GB of built-in memory, support for IP68-level waterproofing, and common functions such as sleep, blood oxygen saturation, and heart rate detection are all available. Besides, the watch will also include Warp Charge fast charging technology.


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