Oppo Find X3 Update Brings 1Hz-120Hz Intelligent Dynamic Frame Rate to Series

Oppo Find X3 Series

Oppo Find X3 Update Brings 1Hz-120Hz Intelligent Dynamic Frame Rate

When OnePlus promoting 1-120Hz adaptive frequency, today, OPPO announced that the Find X3 series intelligent dynamic frame rate frequency range from “5-120Hz” upgraded to “1-120Hz”, the original 24-speed frequency also upgraded to OPPO Find X3 series complete unlock LTPO technology, bringing 2K+ 120Hz freedom.

The top screen of the OPPO Find X3 series has ultra-fine picture quality, the 6.7-inch screen has QHD+ resolution and 525 PPI. It is very accurate in color and supports a native true 10bit display. To make every Find X3 screen equally colorful, the screen is color calibrated one by one at the factory, and the production line calibration increases the production time by 26s. It truly achieves one color for a thousand screens, and the JNCD performance is close to 0.4.

OPPO Find X3 series is the first to realize LTPO technology from 1Hz to 120Hz frame rate intelligent adjustment, which can perfectly match the user’s usage scenario, such as the screen is adjusted to 1Hz when stationary, 24Hz when watching movies, 90Hz when playing games, which greatly reduces the screen power consumption based on smoothness. Compared with the previous generation Find, 1Hz-120Hz frequency conversion can reduce screen power consumption by 50%.

Oppo Find X3 Series 1-120Hz Dynamic Frame Rate Demonstration

Based on the 1Hz-120Hz intelligent dynamic frame rate, the OPPO Find X3 series also brings an O-Sync overclocking response, which significantly reduces the latency of GPU drawing-compositing and compositing-display. For 60fps games, the screen refresh rate of the Find X3 series can be flexibly adjusted between 51Hz-72Hz, bringing almost zero latency game control experience, and the image processing efficiency reaches 360Hz level.

The OPPO Find X3 series also supports color vision enhancement, providing users with a customized set of screen color models, and OPPO continues to promote third-party App access, allowing more devices and more users to use OPPO’s “Thousands of Screens” feature. Besides, the OPPO Find X3 series has implemented color gamut adaption in the system album, which can automatically identify images in sRGB and P3 color spaces and display them accurately, and the technology is also open to more apps such as Simple Gallery, Quick View, Chrome, and more.


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