iQOO Z3 Headed to Launch With 120Hz LCD and 55W Charging

iQOO Z3 Headed to Launch With LCD Display and 55W Charging


Last night, iQOO brought the first Snapdragon 870 flagship iQOO Neo5, which has the top configuration at the same price point and full cost performance, which has made it well-received by netizens. When we are still immersed in the iQOO Neo5 praise, the iQOO official suddenly announced that the upcoming release of the new iQOO Z Series 5G.

At present, iQOO official has not yet announced any hardware information about the machine, but a digital blogger previously exposed some of the parameters of the phone, the news that the machine will use a 120Hz refresh rate LCD screen, which is also a rare LCD screen phone this year.

iQOO issued a text saying, “5G performance pioneer, iQOO new products will soon leopard hair! This time will also join hands with a new friend to meet with you, TA is born speed little prince, TA has super leopard hair power, you guess who TA will be?”

From the picture and rumors, this update is iQOO’s Z series of new products, according to the number to count, then it should be the turn of iQOO Z3, at the same time Digital Chat Station also brought about the configuration of this phone information, the machine will be equipped with a high refresh rate LCD screen + Snapdragon 7 processor, which is also in line with the characteristics of the iQOO Z series of models, while in the price should remain stable within 2000 yuan.

In recent years, because the OLED screen has a unique advantage of color display, and the screen panel is thinner, widely used by cell phone manufacturers, but the LCD dimming mechanism and resolution and other aspects of the OLED is more excellent compared to the human eye, causing less damage to the human eye, and therefore gain a lot of consumer favor. However, due to industry chain optimization and some technical reasons, cell phone manufacturers, today have rarely launched LCD screen phones, and the new iQOO Z series will become the first LCD models in 2021.

Other aspects of the new iQOO Z series will also be equipped with Snapdragon 768G processor, rear 64-megapixel main camera has a wear-resistant polymer sheet back cover, injection molding aluminum alloy center frame, equipped with 55W charge pump fast charging.


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