BlackShark 4 Series Releasing on March 23 with AI Triple Camera

BlackShark 4 Series Release Date

BlackShark 4 Series Release Date

Tencent BlackShark 4 Series is finally coming, CEO of BlackShark Technology Co., Ltd. post with the pro version while BlackShark official Weibo with the standard version. I also remember that they only officially advertised one before. The configuration is a 120-watt super flash charge plus a 4500mAh large battery, fully charged in 15 minutes too awesome. And it seems that I heard that it is standard with the charger in the box. And whether it is the standard version and or pro version is to support the 120-watt fast charging.

BlackShark 4 Series Release Date

Today, the BlackShark official announcement, March 23, 15:00 BlackShark 4 Series will be officially released, the theme of the conference is “breakthrough power”. The official said, “Breakthrough is to start from the beginning and choose to be different; to go beyond the rules and explore the unknown; to break the common sense and innovate the old things. To break through all the boundaries and ignite a new battle power.

The news broke that the release of the large cup and super cup BlackShark 4, Black Shark 4 Pro. Black Shark 4 Pro is equipped with a 6.67-inch high-quality 1080p resolution screen, in addition to the full range of standard 120W + 4500mAh. Besides, BlackShark 4 Pro is equipped with AI triple camera.

BlackShark 4 Pro Camera Sample

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