Xiaomi 11 Star Diamond Gift Box Edition Officially Released

Xiaomi 11 Star Diamond Gift Box Unboxing

Xiaomi 11 Star Diamond Gift Box

Today, Xiaomi Mobile official Weibo announced the launch of Xiaomi 11 Star Diamond Gift Box Edition packed with a new star diamond packaging, the whole body is covered with glittering star diamonds, and also has a star diamond protective case, the back also uses a full-coverage star diamond design, the whole machine is in the light and shadow gilt light.

Xiaomi 11 Star Diamond Gift Box Unboxing

From the text with the picture, this new Xiaomi 11 in terms of appearance and the standard version of the biggest difference is that the back of the body is covered with star diamond elements that girls like, and also gradient color design, but some people say it looks like a phone case, not a customized version of the phone back case, in addition to the packaging box Xiaomi 11 star diamond gift box is also used as a cosmetic jewelry box, girl users should look very much like.

In addition to the star diamond gift box, Xiaomi also officially offers the original star diamond protective case that can be purchased separately, and the star diamond gift set is the same, the official said its rear shell evenly covered with nearly 10,000 artificial crystals, priced at 299 yuan.

In terms of configuration, the Xiaomi 11 Star Diamond Box Edition is consistent with the standard version, equipped with the current industry’s top flagship Snapdragon 888 processor, with LPDDR5 memory, but also has Wi-Fi 6 enhanced, Harman Kardon certified stereo dual speakers, multi-functional NFC, and infrared remote control.


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