Redmi Gaming Phone adds Gaming Design Elements + Gaming Features

Redmi Gaming Phone adds Gaming Design Elements

Redmi Gaming Phone adds Gaming Design Elements

In January 2021, MediaTek officially released the new Dimensity 1200 flagship 5G processor, which makes many exclusive optimizations for the gaming aspect. At the same time, Redmi has another new product line this year, the gaming phone, which will debut MediaTek’s 6nm process flagship chip Dimensity 1200, and today, information about this phone is once again being exposed on the web.

Today, the well-known breaking news Weibo blogger Digital Chat Station posted that Redmi’s first gaming phone adds gaming design elements to its basic appearance, as well as comes with a variety of detailed features that favor gaming and also joint optimization with mainstream games.

As we all know, gaming phones are very large in both the size of the three circumferences and the thickness of the phone, these are prepared for better heat dissipation and larger batteries, but also as a necessity for a gaming phone, this time Redmi’s gaming phone will also continue this strategy, is expected to add some gaming attributes to the appearance of the K40 series and is also expected to bring exclusive gaming expansion accessories to provide players with a better gaming experience.

It is worth mentioning that the blogger also revealed the pricing information of the machine for the first time. He replied in the comments that the pricing of the machine is located in the 2K price range, which means the starting price will probably be below 2,500 yuan, and the machine will be the cheapest gaming phone on the market.

In terms of core, the Dimensity 1200 processor is built using TSMC’s 6nm process, with a flagship tri-cluster architecture design of 1+3+4 CPUs and a mega-core main frequency of up to 3.0GHz A78 + three 2.6GHz A78 + 2.0GHz A55, and the GPU integrates Mali-G77 MC9. MediaTek has also carried out special optimization for game performance, which is equipped with the newly upgraded MediaTek HyperEngine 3.0 game optimization engine, which brings many innovative technologies leading the industry in terms of network, control, intelligent load, and image quality performance.

According to Lu Weibing himself, Redmi’s first gaming phone will likely be officially unveiled in March, and will not only have the world’s first Dimensity 1200 flagship processor but will also be equipped with Samsung E4 material straight screen.


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