Huawei P50 Renderings Surfaces Along with Huawei P50 Camera Samples From Prototype

Huawei P50 Renderings

Huawei P50 Renderings | Huawei P50 Camera Samples

Following the Huawei P50 Pro renderings, Onleaks, the famous exposer, has preempted the Huawei P50 renderings on the Voice community network. As you can see, the front of the P50 features a central cutout screen, straight screen non-curved, black edge control is relatively in place.

On the back is a large camera module with an unprecedented large circle ring shape that looks like a dual camera, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of Huawei making some clever changes inside. Dual speakers are also seen on the P50 at the top and bottom, but there doesn’t seem to be an infrared emitter hole, etc. The power and volume buttons on the right side have been textured and trimmed to ensure a blind feel.

Onleaks revealed that the P50’s body is 156.7 × 74 × 8.3mm, with a lens module of 10.6mm including the protrusions. 148.9 x 71.06 x 8.5mm compared to the P40, which is expected to increase in screen size, weight, etc. Configuration-wise, P50 is said to have a 6.3-inch screen, screen fingerprint, the back of the main camera may be 1-inch large CMOS Sony IMX800. Compared to Onleaks two days ago, the P50 Pro, the latter is a quad curved screen, but the back camera shape and P50 consistent.

Huawei P50 360° Renderings

Huawei P50 Camera Samples

Besides, Teme also brought some impressive Huawei P50 camera samples, that shot on an engineering machine (prototype) through Weibo. Let’s take a look yourself.

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