Redmi K40 True Tone True Color Display Explained

Redmi K40 True Tone True Color Display Explained

Redmi K40 True Tone True Color Display

Since the Redmi K40 series was launched, due to the competitive price of 1999 yuan and the configuration without shortcomings in the same class, the K40 series has been highly sought after the launch, and each round of sale is almost sold out in lightning.

Besides the processor, camera, and other top-end configuration Redmi K40 true tone true color display is also worth attention. To understand deeply, Redmi officially published the article “K40 series True Tone true color display analysis” on Weibo.

According to the Redmi, the Redmi K40 series has put a lot of effort into the screen, whether it is the new generation of E4 light-emitting material-enabled AMOLED straight screen or the 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate, three fingers 360Hz touch sampling rate colorful gaming experience, but also has excellent color accuracy, ultra-high brightness, and other industry top screen parameters, all make this screen worthy of the title of top straight screen.

In defining this screen, Redmi found that when the screen color temperature is too different from the ambient color temperature, it will stimulate the retina, and long-term exposure to such an environment will easily lead to visual fatigue. Therefore, when the screen color temperature and the ambient color temperature reach a high degree of consistency, it is more conducive to prolonged viewing of the screen eyes less fatigue. Therefore, when developing the K40 series, Redmi not only wanted to continue the 360° light sensing of the phone and give users better screen brightness adjustment but also to make the K40 series screen adapt to the ambient color temperature so that users can have a better viewing experience.

What is color temperature?

Natural light consists of a spectrum of seven colors superimposed, where different colors of light due to different color components, some blue, some red, and color temperature is specifically used to measure the color composition of light.

Color temperature was originally created by the British physicist Kelvin. He found that the object burning temperature is different, the object radiation color is also different, for example, when heating iron as the temperature increases the surface of the iron will change from crimson to orange-red, thus discovering the relationship between temperature and the color of light. To measure this relationship, Kelvin studied and established a black body model will be the black body heated, you can first see the black body radiation out of the crimson light, then change to red, followed by orange and white, and finally, become blue, and then the heating temperature and light color corresponding to recording into a graph. The heating temperature needed to reach a certain light color is the color temperature of the light, expressed in absolute temperature K.

How to adjust the color temperature of the screen of the K40 series?

Redmi K40 series screen side of the special ambient light sensor, which can not only detect the brightness of the ambient light to adapt the screen brightness but also through the internal multiple light channels to detect the ambient light color information, analysis of different environmental light, while the screen color temperature compensation, the screen color temperature adjustment to the most comfortable state for the human eye. Redmi K40 series special ambient light sensor can detect the color temperature range from 4500K-7800K, which basically covers most user scenarios.

Redmi K40 True Tone True Color Display

For example, when the True Tone display function is enabled, the screen will become warmer in warm color temperature scenarios such as coffee shops, and cooler in cooler color temperature scenarios such as classrooms, and the color temperature of the K40 series screen will change depending on the environment.

Redmi K40 True Tone True Color Display

Redmi hopes that the K40 series of top-quality straight screens will not only bring you excellent visual perception but also make you have a more comfortable experience in different environments.


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