Legion Gaming Phone 2 Pro 130W Twin Turbo Fast Charging May Debuts in Lenovo’s Way

Legion Gaming Phone 2 Pro 130W Twin Turbo Fast Charging

Legion Gaming Phone 2 Pro 130W Twin Turbo Fast Charging

With Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 capacity climbing, the domestic market has seen a wave of new Snapdragon 888 machines since March. Officially, the Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone 2 Pro will packs a twin cooling fan, which is said be to the strongest cooling system ever made. Additional, Legion Gaming Phone brought a new machine preview earlier, brought the hot spot is about the keys, it said, “Eight gods key out, who competes with; Pointing to the mountains, the cap is pulled full; New posture, can still point to one or two more.”

The actual physical and virtual keys will be equipped with the phone, in many games the touch screen response speed and sense of operation is not as good as the physical keys, and the existing cell phone brand practice is to add an external physical key to the phone to assist, as to what kind of practice will be used in the Legion Gaming Phone 2 Pro, we will see the real machine when revealed.

Furthermore, the Official also stated that Symmetry is justice, welcome to join the mid-set era of saviors. The next-generation mid-range architecture 2.0 is coming soon, and better ones, so stay tuned! It should be the real strongest gaming phone on the surface, no doubt. After watching the press conference of the friends and looking at the new products of the rescuer mobile phone, I feel that we are a little bit suspicious of using too much force.”

As the main performance game phone, naturally, it will also quickly keep up with the progress and launch a new model equipped with the top flagship chip. This morning, the well-known Weibo blogger Digital Chat Station posted an article revealing that the Legion Gaming Phone 2 Pro Snapdragon 888 gaming phone (Model: Lenovo L70081) has officially entered the network, and the 3C certification data shows that the machine has passed charger versions, one supporting up to 65W fast charging and one supporting up to 45W fast charging.

Lenovo L70081 3C Certification

It’s worth noting that last year, the Legion gaming phone had a dual-cell solution with a dual C-port to charge two batteries at the same time, through the dual 45W to achieve a 90W dual-turbo fast-charging system. And this year the new machine in 65W charging power plus, perhaps expected to achieve 65W × 2 = 130W Twin Turbo dual-turbo power system fast charging, become the industry’s highest fast charging speed.

The previous exposure of the Geekbench scores of the Legion Gaming Phone 2 Pro, which shows that the machine is not only equipped with the Snapdragon 888 flagship chip but also has 16GB memory specifications, which can bring strong performance output performance, providing sufficient protection for the ultimate gaming experience.

In other configurations, the Legion Gaming Phone 2 Pro will also be equipped with 144Hz AMOLED screen, with LPDDR5 memory + UFS 3.1 flash memory, the body built-in entity twin turbofan cooling system, the game phone, in the end, is doing more fierce, but the official has not yet announced the time of the launch, Lenovo’s new machine warm-up we all have had the experience, continue to wait for news.

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