ZTE S Series New Machine Exposing Rear Camera Layout

ZTE S Series Rear First Look

ZTE S Series Rear First Look

After the Red Magic 6 Series release and besides Axon 30 Series pre-heat, ZTE began warming up for new series “ZTE S” phones this week and is expected to announce them soon. The president of ZTE’s Terminal Division and Nubia Technology Co., Ltd. today directly announced the rear lens portion of the ZTE S and revealed that it has a “starry sea” color scheme and will be endorsed by Liu Haocun.

As you can see from the picture, the camera uses a matrix of four rear cameras with frosted lenses, symbolizing the “stars”, including a 64 MP main camera; the body uses a blue-pink gradient, symbolizing the “sea”. Besides, the module shows that the main camera for a 64-megapixel lens, lens parameters show 1.79-2.4/16-26.

Then Ni Fei, said that this year, in addition to the flagship ZTE Axon series, will also launch the new young and fashionable ZTE S series. In the current cell phone market, the main flagship series and young fashion series coexist manufacturers are not uncommon, and the new ZTE S series will add a new choice for young consumers to buy a new phone.

It is worth noting that a digital blogger previously reported that the front of the new ZTE S series uses a 44-megapixel front lens with a screen refresh rate of 144Hz. Other information about the machine’s parameters is not yet known, and subsequent related information will continue to be reported.


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