Huawei Patent Exposing UD Camera and An Another Design, While Protective Film Tell Different Story

Huawei P50 and P50 Pro protective film

Highlights: Huawei Patent – suspected for P50 Series, Huawei P50 and P50 Pro protective film, Huawei MatePad Pro2, HarmonyOS 2.0 Beta 2 Update, and Huawei Band 6 and 6 Pro

According to Huawei product line update tradition, the highlight of the first half of each year is the main value and photography enthusiast Huawei P series. In March, the P50 series of Huawei also gradually increased, the series will include Huawei P50, Huawei P50 Pro, and Huawei P50 Pro+ three models. The sources claim that Huawei P50 domestic launch is scheduled for April 17.

Huawei’s New Patent, suspected for P50 Series

Since Xiaomi released the world’s first full-screen phone MIX in 2016, the era of full-screen cell phones officially opened, the world’s major cell phone manufacturers have launched their full-screen flagship models. However, due to technical constraints, resulting in manufacturers can only use a notch, punch-hole screen, pop-up lens, and other kinds of shaped screen design, as a solution to the front lens and earpiece, infrared sensor, and other components installation problems.

However, with the rapid development of technology, the use of under-screen camera technology true full-screen phones have emerged one after another. Recently, Huawei’s latest cell phone appearance patent was made public, causing a lot of discussion among netizens. From the enterprise search website, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. has disclosed two “cell phone” appearance patents. The patent number: CN306350871S, CN306350870S, the application date is July 22, 2020.

The patent abstract shows that the design point of the design product is the shape of the product. Among them, the patent with the open number CN306350871S is the most special. From the photos, it can be seen that there are no openings on the front of the phone, and at the same time, the top frame of the phone is not set for the opening of the pop-up lens.

According to speculation, the machine is likely to use an under-screen camera + screen sound technology. The back cover of the phone is a splicing process, the upper and lower parts of the color scheme and materials are different. Among them, the upper part is made of metal or glass, and the lower part is made of the plain leather process. The lens part uses a rear matrix camera module, similar to the Huawei P series.

The other patent uses a left double perforated, double curved screen design. As this is only the appearance of the patent, information about the machine’s configuration parameters is not yet known, any patent maybe just for design R&D or internal testing, as trusted source protective film tells a different story.

Huawei P50 and P50 Pro protective film

Furthermore, Recently Huawei P50 and P50 Pro protective film also appeared on Weibo, Pro has a curved screen, and the standard version is a straight screen solution. According to the previous news, both the Pro version and the standard version use a centered center punch-hole design which is visible on Pro’s protective film.

Huawei P50 and P50 Pro protective film

Some sources point out that Huawei P50 will debut with Sony’s 1-inch IMX800. It is reported that this will be Sony’s largest-ever bottom of the phone CMOS, performance even stronger than the ISOCELL GN2 released by Samsung recently.

Huawei MatePad Pro2

Besides, Huawei’s new flagship tablet will be also released together with the new generation of P series flagship Huawei P50. Earlier Huawei 5G tablet officially entered the network, according to rumors, the device may be equipped with Kirin 9000 processor and will be named MatePad Pro2.

Besides, Huawei MatePad Pro2 will have two size versions at the same time, one with a 12.2-inch domestic Huaxing screen, and the other with a 12.6-inch Samsung screen, both supporting high refresh rates, as well as support for up to 40W fast charging technology. In terms of battery life, concerning Huawei MatePad Pro’s 7250mAh capacity battery, the MatePad Pro2 power will go up another notch.

HarmonyOS 2.0 Beta 2 Update

For the software side, Huawei HarmonyOS 2.0 Beta 2 is released now. According to microbloggers, HarmonyOS OS 2.0 Beta 2 has now started to be fully upgraded. The new version enhances the tablet system capability and supports more scenario development. The blogger also said that the first batch of the upgrade has Mate X2 with P50 series and MatePad Pro2 series, then Mate 40 series and P40 series will also open the internal test upgrade. Previously, Yu Chengdong said, starting in April this year, Huawei flagship phones can be upgraded one after another HarmonyOS, Huawei Mate X2 will be the first to upgrade.

HarmonyOS 2.0 Beta 2 Update

HarmonyOS 2.0 Beta 2 updated the following features:

Huawei Band 6 and 6 Pro

The infield of wearables, Weibo blogger Courage Digital Jun today revealed that Huawei will launch a new smart band product next month, is expected to Huawei Band 6 and Huawei Band 6 Pro. He also revealed that Huawei’s new watch is also expected to debut, with a design similar to the previously released Huawei Watch FIT, which is very good-looking.

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