Red Magic 6 Pro 120W Charging Test: Speed and Endurance

Red Magic 6 Pro 120W Charging Test

Red Magic 6 Pro 120W Charging Test

On the evening of March 4, Tencent Red Magic 6 new product launch was held as scheduled, launching a new generation of gaming phones Red Magic 6 and 6 Pro. The Red Magic 6 Pro, officially supports 120W air-cooled turbo fast charging and comes standard with a 120W Gallium Nitride charger, which the official data says can charge a large 4500mAh dual-cell battery to 50% in 5 minutes, with an all-pole lug structure designed to reduce internal battery resistance.

Let’s take look first at the whole charging process of Red Magic 6 Pro’s 120W fast charging, so you can feel charging speed. 120W Gallium Nitride + 4500mAh battery, it should be the fastest charging speed, right?

Red Magic 6 Pro 120W Charging Test – Live

Furthermore, WHYLAB released a database of Tencent Red Magic 6 Pro endurance. WHYLAB emphasis, the gaming phone to headline 2021 is this Tencent Red Magic 6 Pro Gaming Phone, which is also the first 120W flash charging flagship of the Nubia brand and the 4th 120W fast charging mass production machine on the market.

Tencent Red Magic 6 Pro is equipped with a 4500mAh battery and supports up to 120W wired fast charging, the charging speed is 15 minutes to charge 90% and 21 minutes to fully charge, the later trickle charging time is slightly longer; the highest temperature during charging is above 36°C, not more than 37°C, the heat control during charging is very good; the charging speed is very high. Very good heat control during charging.

In the lab, the Tencent Red Magic 6 Pro had 49% power remaining in the 5-hour battery life test. As a gaming phone, it runs mostly at full power, plus the 165Hz ultra-high refresh rate, so there is still room for improvement in optimizing battery life in daily use; during the test, the highest temperature on the back of the Tencent Red Magic 6 Pro was 36.8°C, and the hottest spot was at the Gaming Phone.

Thanks to the air-cooling + VC heat-balancing plate, the Red Magic 6 Pro is the Snapdragon 888 flagship with the coolest peak back the temperature in our model library; 95% of power remains in the 8-hour standby test.

Red Magic 6 Pro 120W Charging Test Data

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