Red Magic Watch Debuts with 5 Eye-catching Colors and Unique Soccer Mode

Red Magic Watch Debuts

Red Magic Watch Debuts

At the Red Magic 6 gaming phone launch, the Red Magic Watch, a smartwatch with the first soccer sports mode also debuted. The Red Magic Watch focuses on “senseless wear, the comfortable movement”, with a round dial as well as a secondary anodizing process, two layers of color separation between the upper and lower layers.

Red Magic Watch Official Introduction

The upper layer with a black gorilla glass screen, presenting a unique suspended screen effect. It is available in five colors: punk black, red flame orange, greenwood gray, cold moon silver, and quicksand brown, with two kinds of straps: skin-friendly silicone and soft leather. The leather strap version of the Red Magic Watch is priced at 699 yuan, while the silicone strap version is priced at 599 yuan and will be available for purchase on March 11 at 10:00.

The Red Magic Watch uses a dual-architecture processor low-power AI algorithm, which can achieve 15 days of ultra-long battery life. Equipped with 1.39-inch HD retina screen and alloy case, with 454 pixels resolution, weighs only 30 grams, supports the presentation of incoming calls, messages, sports, and other information; and supports dynamic dial, Red Magic dial, and photo album DIY dial and other functions.

Other aspects, the Red Magic Watch comes with the first soccer sports mode, which can record the running heat map and sports status of the whole game through GPS tracking; and supports sixteen mainstream sports modes, such as running, cycling, basketball, hiking, and swimming (supporting 50 meters depth waterproof); and has professional health management functions, such as intelligent heart rate detection, scientific sleep monitoring, and blood oxygen detection.


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