Red Magic 6 and Red Magic 6 Pro: Talk about Industrial Top-end Tech, Price, and Specifications

Tencent Red Magic 6 Pro Transparent Edition

Red Magic 6 and Red Magic 6 Pro

All Snapdragon 888 main control, the world’s first 18 + 512GB flagship configuration, 782,668 laboratory AnTuTu Benchmark; the structure of up to eight layers, up to three fans, double cooling pad active cooling structure; 165Hz 6.8-inch 1 billion color straight screen, 360Hz multi-finger touch reporting rate and 400Hz shoulder key reporting rate. Plus the normal version comes standard with 66W fast charging and the Pro version comes standard with 120W super fast charging.

Red Magic 6 Series Official Introduction Video

When Nubia unites with Tencent and ends up with Tencent Red Magic Gaming Phone 6 and Tencent Red Magic Gaming Phone 6 Pro, there is no doubt that it has once again created an industry record in many aspects such as performance, heat dissipation, screen, and control.

What does this mean? If you’re a tech geek and a parameter guy, then the Tencent Red Magic Gaming Phone 6 Pro is your cup of tea. The fact that the hardware has been “stacked” to such a high level is of great benefit to gamers. Perhaps we can find the answer to these questions from the unusual configuration details of the Red Magic 6 Series this time.

The Red Magic is indeed more generous than the current mainstream flagship approach

We see the Red Magic 6 and Red Magic 6 Pro this time all standard with Snapdragon 888, all standard with active air cooling, all standard with 6.8-inch 165Hz 10bit screen, and even all the same 6MP triple camera module. It at least means that for users, whether they buy the “low” or “high”, the gaming experience will be the same, and there will be no difference in the smoothness of daily use, photo effects, and grip.

Of course, according to Red Magic, the Red Magic 6 Pro has a higher built-in fan speed, more layers of cooling design, and a sincere 120W GaN adapter as standard. If you do go for the ultimate, then picking it up does allow for even lower body temperatures and can have faster charging times. But for most gamers who want both a full-frame gaming experience and less money, even buying the Red Magic 6 won’t cost them anything. This is something that Red Magic has done a lot more generously than some brands.

165Hz is not for the sake of looking good, it is very meaningful to the whole industry

In addition to the same core configuration across the board, the 165Hz 10bit pixel diamond arrangement screen used in the Red Magic 6 and Red Magic 6 Pro is also a major highlight. The majority of current flagship models, and even the majority of flagship gaming phones, are still stuck at 120Hz or 90Hz, not even close to the 144Hz refresh rate of the Red Magic’s previous generation products. This naturally raises the concern of many gamers that when a product’s screen refresh rate is two generations ahead of the industry, can it bring practicality?

To answer this question, we first have to figure out one thing: why did the Red Magic 6 series choose a screen refresh rate of 165Hz, and why not continue to use 144Hz, or not 180Hz and 240Hz?

First of all, there is certainly a need for the product attributes themselves. As a “gaming phone”, a high screen refresh rate is a necessary configuration. Although the 144Hz used in the previous Red Magic 5G and Red Magic 5S is still the top cell phone screen refresh rate indicator, the Red Magic 6 series as a new generation of products, in the screen refresh rate is recognized as a key indicator of the gaming phone further, naturally becomes a natural self-transcendence.

Secondly, what some friends may not know is that the previous generation of Red Magic 5 series and this Red Magic 6 series, the reason why they chose 144Hz and 165Hz high refresh screen respectively, actually has a lot to do with the Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 888 platform they use respectively. This is because 144Hz and 165Hz are the highest gaming refresh rate indicators that Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 888 can support respectively. In other words, not only did Red Magic achieve the industry’s highest screen refresh rate for two consecutive generations of products, they are trying to benchmark the Snapdragon flagship platform’s comprehensive specifications. And that, in itself, is a technical quest.

Of course, it is especially worth mentioning that although 99% of the current flagship models are still only a 90Hz or 120Hz screen refresh rate, in fact in the software, many Android applications themselves do not limit the maximum refresh rate. As long as the hardware rendering speed is fast enough, as long as the screen refresh rate is high enough, it can automatically run to 144Hz or even 165Hz.

And this even includes a considerable number of handheld apps, for example, at this launch, Red Magic listed more than 100 handheld games that already support a 165Hz ultra-high refresh rate. This shows that between the application and the hardware the current smartphone hardware function is not only not “excess”, even is already behind the application of the performance needs. At this time, with the best platform and the strongest tuning, to do today’s technology to achieve the highest refresh rate products will be far more meaningful than the product itself.

360Hz touch reporting rate is not intimidating, but supporting multiple fingers is another matter

In addition to the screen refresh rate, we would also like to talk about the control design of the Red Magic 6 and Red Magic 6 Pro, which is equipped with a high 500Hz single-touch reporting rate, 360Hz multi-touch reporting rate, and two 400Hz reporting rate of dual IC independent touch shoulder keys.

Red Magic 6 Touch Sampling

If you have paid attention to the new Snapdragon 888, you will find that these models have generally made a huge leap in the “touch reporting rate” indicator the worst has 300Hz. what concept is this? Simply put, this is already higher than the Snapdragon 865 era of the strongest game phone touch reporting rate.

Because of this, we have reason to believe that behind this phenomenon of “collective spike” in the touch reporting rate, there must be Snapdragon 888 or its associated supply chain (such as the new touch IC with which it is adapted) to the credit. In other words, for many of the models that claim to have a touch reporting rate of 300Hz, 360Hz, or even 1000Hz, the manufacturer may not be doing the research and development themselves, but just happen to be using Snapdragon 888 and enjoying the benefits of the new platform.

But the question is, for these Snapdragon 888 models, the ultra-high touch reporting rate can bring advantages to the game?

Not necessarily. Because many cell phone manufacturers will not tell users that their touch reporting rate indicator corresponds to the working condition when only a single finger instantly triggers the screen, or the working condition when multiple fingers are always moving on the screen during the game. Only the latter working condition when the phone can still maintain a high touch reporting rate can be considered to really bring players a more intimate sense of control in the game, and to achieve a significant competitive advantage.

Red Magic 6 Shoulder Key

So, which phones are now open to both single-finger instantaneous and multi-finger continuous use, the screen reporting rate under two different circumstances? Yes, at least so far, only the Red Magic 6 and Red Magic 6 Pro. In other words, while they also get some benefit from the new platform, the engineers at Red Magic have really taken into account the real experience of gamers compared to other models that might just want a good-looking parameter. And indeed, the hardware is designed for gaming conditions, so that the Red Magic 6 series can really become a qualified “equipment” in the hands of the players in the gaming competition, not just a superficial good-looking, but not out of effect “parameter monster”.

Tencent Red Magic 6

At the conference, Red Magic officially launched the Tencent Red Magic 6 Gaming phone. In terms of configuration, the Red Magic 6 features a 6.8-inch AMOLED super-competitive screen, the world’s first to support 165Hz screen refresh rate and single-finger 500Hz, multi-finger 360Hz touch sampling rate, which are currently the highest in the world. It also has a 10bit screen color depth, DCI-P3 full-color gamut, and new alignment, and has received three certifications: SGS Low Blue Light Eye Protection, High Brush, and Low Shadow Drag.

According to the official, more than a hundred games have been adapted to the 165Hz refresh rate, so the gaming experience will be further smooth. Red Magic 6 is equipped with the Snapdragon 888 mobile platform, which officially claims “fully-optimized performance under the exclusive tuning of Red Magic, probably the strongest Snapdragon 888”, and the first CPHY-DSI interface exclusively co-tuned with Qualcomm, with a faster transfer rate and lower power consumption. Besides, the machine is equipped with the sixth generation of under-screen fingerprint solution.

In terms of design, the Red Magic 6 upholds Red Magic’s long-standing “Mecha – Sci-Fi” design language, with an exquisite carbon fiber textured back design and a new upgraded emotional lighting system, presenting a perfect symmetrical aesthetic. Besides, the machine adopts the classic carbon fiber black design, with the Red Magic logo breathing light to show more connotation, coupled with the futuristic Cyber Neon color scheme (red and blue gradient color clash design) all show that this is the main gaming model.

Tencent Red Magic 6 Cyberpunk Style Trailer

In terms of gaming, the Red Magic 6 supports “six-speed manual shift technology”, which can be manually locked or intelligently adaptive to switch the screen refresh rate, perfectly adapting to gaming and daily use scenarios; Tencent Red Magic Gaming Phone 6 also comes standard with the world’s fastest dual IC touch shoulder keys, with a touch sampling rate of up to 400Hz, which can withstand more than 2 million clicks, and supports new functions such as “one key double move” and “one arrow double kill”.

Tencent Red Magic 6 will be the official cell phone partner of “QQ Celebrity Tournament 2021” and “King of Glory National Competition 2021”. Those who purchase Tencent Red Magic 6/6Pro will receive exclusive Tencent gaming gift packs: custom avatar frames for “Glory of Kings”, custom guns for “Call of Duty”, custom Jade Dragon Girdle for “The End of Days”, and custom prints for “Crossfire”.

Besides, Tencent’s Red Magic 6 is supported by Ram Boost memory virtual expansion technology, the original TC (Touch Choreographer) frame-completion technology 2.0, and Tencent’s hand game gas pedal under the joint tuning of the Red Magic Arc Reactor performance engine and Tencent Solar Core game engine. With the support of Ram Boost, TC 2.0, and Tencent Mobile Accelerator, it is the more responsive, more stable frame rate, and lower latency.

The Red Magic 6 has up to 13 AI temperature sensors for real-time temperature monitoring of the entire machine, along with the built-in ultra-light centrifugal fan + Canyon Duct combination air cooling, plus the VC liquid cooling (the industry’s thinnest 0.33mm), thermal gel, thermal copper foil, high thermal conductivity graphite ICE 6.0 6-layer multi-dimensional cooling system (the world’s exclusive air cooling + liquid cooling active cooling), thermal performance is superb.

In addition to temperature sensing, Red Magic 6 has a built-in centrifugal fan with a speed of 18,000 rpm, which is comparable to F1 racing engine engines, and a maximum speed of 14m/s at the end of the fan blades (comparable to level 7 wind speed). With the new canyon duct design with north-south ventilation, the air heat transfer coefficient is increased by 500%, which can reduce the CPU core temperature by 16°C.

The crazy heat dissipation brings a crazy fast charging rate. Tencent Red Magic Gaming Phone 6 is equipped with 66W air-cooled turbo fast charging, which is tested by Tencent Red Magic Lab: it can charge 5050mAh battery to 60% in 15 minutes and 100% in 38 minutes.

In terms of audio, the Red Magic 6 features dual-speaker stereo sound, with immersive 3D surround sound certified by DTS Ultra X. The 3 Mic intelligent radio system does not obscure sound when held in the landscape; the dual-algorithm voice noise cancellation technology jointly tuned with Elephant Sound Technology eliminates noise and whistling in the voice environment.

Red Magic 6 Gaming Optimization

Photography, as a gaming phone for that matter, Red Magic 6 equipped with 64 megapixel’s AI triple camera, camera family has a wealth of shooting functions such as shifting and lingbo microblogging.

Tencent Red Magic 6 Pro

The phone in the Red Magic 6 series, Red Magic 6 Pro upgrade to 120W air-cooled turbo fast charging, equipped with a 20000 rpm fan, and deuterium front transparent version. Red Magic 6 Pro has a combination of metal and glass on the back cover, with a metal area of nearly 60%, and two colorways: the understated and introverted Xuan Iron Black and the pure and cool Ice Blade Silver.

The Red Magic 6 Pro supports 120W air-cooled turbo fast charging and comes standard with a 120W black magic gallium nitride charger. Tested by Tencent’s Red Magic Lab: 5 minutes to charge the 4500mAh dual-cell battery to 50%. The Red Magic 6 Pro adopts a new charging separation mode, in which the current is supplied directly to the phone system across the battery, which not only alleviates the hot problem when charging while playing but also effectively extends the battery life.

In terms of performance, the Tencent Red Magic 6 Pro has a new high score: 782,668 points from AnTuTu Benchmark and 938,175 points from Lu Master.

Tencent Red Magic 6 Pro Transparent Edition

Finally, the Tencent Red Magic 6 Pro Transparent Edition comes on. This phone allows you to see the precision components under the transparent body and the cool RGB lighting effect of the built-in fan.

Tencent Red Magic 6 Pro Transparent Edition

In terms of parameters, Tencent Red Magic 6 Pro is equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, a 165Hz refresh rate screen, up to 16GB fully-optimized LPDDR5 memory, and 256GB UFS 3.1 flash memory, 4500mAh battery, and 120W fast charging support. While the Red Magic 6 Pro Transparent Edition also has 18GB massive RAM and a 512GB storage variant.

Tencent Red Magic 6 Series Price and Memory Options

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